Tiger’s Kindergarten Teacher Getting In On the Action

It never ceases to amaze me what ends people will go to for their fifteen minutes of fame.  In lieu of Tiger’s now infamous romp through various women’s panties, his Kindergarten teacher is sounding off about a comment he made back in 2005.  I guess in response to a book from his buddy, Charles Barkley, Tiger mentioned how he first learned about racism in kindergarten.  Tiger said that while in kindergarten he was beaten up and called the big ‘N-word’ by your typical shitty little kids, and his teacher did nothing about it.

Well 5 years later I guess his kindergarten teacher is ready to defend herself.  Kind of odd that she waited until he’s at his most vulnerable point with the media.  I smell scumbag media whore, you?  I guess you got to get it when you can.  I can’t say for sure if The Entertainment Buddha wouldn’t do the same thing if it meant getting free national promotion, but it’s a sad commentary on our society to say the least.


Before I went to publish this the actual news conference showed up on the net.  Check it out and see what you think.  Honestly, I still feel like it’s a cheap attack at this point.  Guess who is behind it all?  Uber anti-defamation lawyer Gloria Allred.  If Tiger lied he lied.  Like anyone gives a shit who his kindergarten teacher is.  She actually claimed its caused her personal grief.  Seriously?  Do you really think Gloria Allred cares about this teacher’s well being?  Look how fake she is.  What a joke, I wonder how much they’ll squeeze out of Mr. Woods this time.  Fame, it is a bitch.

You’ve been enlightened…

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