Time to Return to Mass Effect 2, Final DLC ‘Arrival’ Drops March 29

You know, I’ve been thinking that it may be time to get back to the Commander and his band of rag tag mercs.  In fact, I tried a few months ago but got swamped with new game arrivals, so I put ME2 on the back burner.  With the announcement that the ‘Arrival’ DLC will indeed be Mass Effect 2’s last I think March 29th may be a great time to get back to the 2010 GOTY (IMHO).  ‘Arrival’ is said to bridge the gap in between the final installment in the series, which will be Mass Effect 3.  The DLC will provide 3 new cheves and trophies, and it’ll cost you 560 MS Points, or $7 U.S..  That’s not bad at all considering the ‘Arrival’ mission will probably last a few hours.

What I want to know is if any of the ME2 DLC will have an impact on your character in Mass Effect 3?  See, I have 2 active saves going in ME2 right now.  One is my main Shepard from ME1 who is a righteous Vanguard, while the other is for my sh*thead Shepard who is a slave breaking Biotic Master.  I wonder if playing or not playing the ME2 DLC will have any effect on my character imports for ME3?  For example, one of the ME2 DLC gives you an additional character in Kasumi.  If you don’t buy her will she ever show up in ME3?

The dilema comes with the thought of having to play my bad boy Shepard to the end of his quest, as well as finishing all of the DLC with my completed good boy Shepard save.  I know life is rough!  If you have any thoughts please leave them in the comment section below.  In the meantime I definitely plan on making a return to the Mass Effect Galaxy sometime this Spring.  You’ve been wanting to get back to this peach of a RPG shooter…

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