Tiny Metal marks its return with Full Metal Rumble packed to the brim with bigger, better, and more metal content. Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble revisits the core of what made the first franchise entry a beloved and intense, turn-based strategy experience.

Full Metal Rumble cranks things up a notch from the original Tiny Metal, offering

–77 skirmish maps, 21 of which are available for intense multiplayer showdowns
–an expanded army fields more than 23-unit types, with additional Hero and Commander units, to lead into battle across 39 campaign missions
–bonus challenge conditions on every map encourages commanders to fight for goals outside of the main objective.
–four new difficulty modes enable veterans and recruits alike to find thrills in the heat of battle

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble follows a familiar face but new protagonist, the fiercely independent leader of the White Fangs, Commander Wolfram. Search for her brother and stage defenses on multiple fronts against the Dinoldans to stop their excavation of dangerous, ancient technology and restore peace to a land ravaged by the horrors of war.

Full Metal Rumble is an intense turn based fighting game that fits perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. The art style immediately grabbed my attention. The colors are so rich and bright; not a aspect you would usually consider for a game about horrific war, however is definitely works! Full Metal Rumble is the type of game I could see myself playing for hours on a road trip; it definitely keeps me wanting to play more and more.

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