Titan Books Announces Four SDCC 2017 Exclusive Items

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner and with that comes some sweet new collectibles. Titan Books has announced four exclusives just for the convention. First up there is an exclusive Rick and Morty coloring book, with early release copies only available at the show. Each book, which will run $15 also comes with an exclusive shirt that you can also color in.

The second item Titan Books is bringing to the show is called Firefly: Back from the Black. This is a gift book that artist Joey Spiotti created as a reimagining for the Firefly crew if they were back on Earth-That-Was and will only cost you $15.

The next up is a bit more pricey, sitting at $60 and is for fans of Star Trek. Star Trek: The Next Generation The Art of Juan Ortiz Limited Edition includes a compilation of 178 posters that capture the essence of The Next Generation. You will also receive a signed tip-in sheet and an exclusive art print.

Lastly, we have a Star Wars item on the docket. Star Wars: On The Front Lines gets its exclusive debut at the convention! You don’t have to wait for publication to get your hands on this $50 piece of art. Star Wars: On The Front Lines has never before seen artwork detailing the weapons, tactics and vehicles used across the entirety of the Star Wars sage. Any super fan of these franchises needs to pick these up if you can make it to the con.

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