Titanfall 2 – An Intro to The Inside Development Series

Titanfall 2 developer, Respawn, is looking to right the wrongs that they had with Titanfall, and are looking to the fans to find out exactly what they should do. As part of this, they’re doing a little video series, developer diaries of sorts, to give us a look ahead to see what they’re up to, undoubtedly not only as fan service, but so that we can give feedback till the game is released.

The original game was phenomenal, with its fast-paced action, parkour mechanics, the Titans themselves, the shallow, but mildly intriguing campaign story was one of the few things that most people had a gripe about. The mechanics of the game were awesome though, the game itself was gold, it just needed that story, that depth to really tie it all together. Technical issues will be getting fixed as well, making it easier to play with friends, increasing server performance (because hopefully this game will be more popular than the first one, which was frankly underrated in my opinion).

Anyway, check out the video above to get introduced to this web series that we’ll hopefully be seeing a bunch more of soon!

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