We have seen the single-player reveal for Titanfall 2, and now EA and Respawn have treated us to some glorious multi-player footage of what could well be Octobers biggest shooter. As if the single-player was not enough to reassure you that EA has Titanfall 2 on lockdown, the multiplayer trailer clearly proves that EA is pulling no punches concerning its titanic franchise.

It seems that the bond between Pilot and Titan is stronger than ever with thanks to 6 new Titans, some massive changes to the Pilots and their abilities. Including some kind of rope which seems like it will have a real impact on the gameplay those familiar to Titanfall will know so well. Aside from that, EA promises a much deeper progression system, so hopefully Titanfall 2 will have players rushing back for more.

The Titanfall 2 reveal is just the beginning, an open beta is planned however details have not yet been revealed. Stay tuned for more on Titanfall 2 and everything E3.


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