Titanfall is Respawn’s first video game release since the studio was formed close to three years ago, and the former Call of Duty creators definitely spent their time wisely. EA offered a more in-depth look at the multiplayer component of Titanfall at their E3 booth, and based on the 20-minute presentation its clear that this game is going to be a winner, and possibly a reason to own a Microsoft console (only available on the 360, Xbox One, and PC).

First and foremost, Titanfall looks stunning. The visuals scream next-gen, and the world Respawn dreamed up feels unique. The character models are lifelike looking, and their speech is perfectly synced to their facial animations. The level of detail on each character is staggering, and the same goes for the titans, which are the mech-like suits that the game’s name is derived from.

Considering that Titanfall is a next-gen title the beautiful visuals are expected, but it also features engaging gameplay, and its multiplayer mode may finally be able to challenge Call of Duty’s online dominance. The demo featured a match that required the two opposing teams to hold certain locations on the map in a similar fashion to the domination match type from COD. The major difference between Titanfall’s multiplayer and the inevitable COD comparison is the fact that titan’s play a major role in how the matches play out.

Players have the ability to strap themselves into hulking mechs (titans), which are equipped with kinesis powers in their left arms, and a big ass gun in their right. The titans definitely throw a wrench into how the matches play out, as well as how dominant a single player can be while in one. While in a titan the only thing to fear on the battlefield is another titan who can rival the power of your own. Just don’t get too close because you can be forcefully ripped from the cockpit of your own by an enemy titan.

Gamers who lose their super-sized robotic exoskeleton don’t stand a chance against the hulking metal menaces. They can hitch a ride on a teammate’s titan while they wait for theirs to respawn (2 min. wait), or they can try to fend for themselves on the ground in traditional FPS gameplay.

Ultimately, the key to success is not losing your titan, but if that happens a kill screen won’t appear. It’s an interesting mechanic, and surely will spawn all sorts of new multiplayer strategies once Titanfall releases in 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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