So far in 2016 fans have been treated to a number of great comic book based movies on the big screen. First Deadpool, then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and most recently X-Men: Apocalypse. And with more coming before the year ends, such as TMNT: Out of the Shadows which hits theaters Friday June 3rd.

Personally, my prediction is the movie will be a hit, what, with all the classic characters being introduced like Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang. But, perhaps the character I’m looking forward to most is Casey Jones. As one of the earliest non-Turtle characters, Jones first appeared in the fourth comic book published by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s Mirage Studios.Casey Jone 1

After the first three TMNT books were created, Mirage released their first one-shot, Raphael #1, in 1985 (all were magazine-sized comics and in black and white). This was such a great book and a must have for TMNT comic collectors. Raph was the first Turtle readers got to explore on a deeper level and it’s in this issue we’re first introduced to the hockey-masked vigilante Casey Jones. He carried a golf bag filled with an array of weaponry like bats, hockey sticks and golf clubs, all of which he used to do his “job.” He hurled cheesy insults like armpit, creepo and vile dung while fighting New York City’s petty criminals. His harsh brand of justice was on par with the likes of The Punisher, minus the guns.

The issue starts off with Raph leaving his brothers to blow off some steam, being the hothead he is (at this current time Splinter is missing which has everyone on edge). While paroling the rooftops of NYC late at night he encounters thieves mugging a lady for her purse. The problem is easily handled, but Raph doesn’t chase after the crooks once the purse is recovered. Off in the distance observing is Jones who sees everything and isn’t content with the purse alone being returned. So, he sets out after them to finish what Raphael started.

Robbers Who Bare a Striking Resemblance to Eastman (L) & Laird (R)

And this is where the conflict turns from Jones and the bad guys to Raphael. The two have a slightly different philosophy on how to handle New York’s scum. Jones feels the crooks need to be punished, badly, while Raphael merely wants to stop them without being seen by too many people. As a result, this leads to a series of confrontations between the two, with the first victory going to Jones. But, in the end, it’s Jones who throws in the towel admitting he was beat by a “little green freak.”

In the process of them squashing their beef, Raphael tries to reason with Jones that he “…can’t go around killin’ people for stealin’ tape decks! That’s just crazy!” They sit resting after beating each other’s brains out when they hear a woman yell for help in the park. The two spring to battle on the same side for the first time, but certainly not the last. Jones would go on to become close with all the Turtles and a trusted member of the crew. I looking forward to seeing them all in action in TMNT 2.



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