To Buy Brink, or Not To Buy Brink That is the Question for Gamers This Week

I’ve been asking myself the same question about Bethesda’s new take on the First Person Shooter genre with their latest title called Brink.  At it’s core Brink is similar to other shooters that implement a class system for gamers to choose how they want to play, which isn’t much different from games like Team Fortress 2, and more recently Killzone 3.  What is supposed to make Brink stand out from the pack is its commitment to parkour-like movement that players can use to get around the map.  On top of that the character customizations provide some of the most vivid combinations of clothes, features, and other things that go into making your avatar unique from the rest of the gamers playing in your match.  On paper Brink sounds fantastic, especially if you thrive on multiplayer oriented games, but in reality the game isn’t getting much love from traditional gaming media outlets.

Parkour and Guns? A Match Made in Heaven

In fact, most reviews I’ve seen have given the game what would equate to less than average scores.  IGN gave it a poor rating of a 6, and it didn’t fair much better in Joystiq’s review where it only scored 2 stars.  1UP probably has the most scathing review of Brink giving it a ‘D’, and they sum it up by saying, “Brink is unfinished. And that doesn’t mean it’s full of technical problems. Well, it’s got those too. But mostly, it’s just an unpolished, poorly executed mess of ideas.”  Ouch!  That hurts just reading it.

I don’t know how much stock I put into what these pro critics are saying, because I lost most of my respect for them when these sites claimed Crysis 2 as the next coming of Christ, when in fact it was a boring, ugly, turd of a game.  Currently Metacritic has a score of 72 for Brink, so other gaming sites must have liked this shooter.  So what are we to do about this game?  Should we take a risk and trust our guts that this game has potential, or do we listen to these industry insiders (Trust me they’re not always spot on)?  That’s a great question, and one I can’t answer yet.  I almost convinced myself to go out and get it, but I stopped at my car door out of laziness because I didn’t want to put a pair of pants on (Pants are for p*ssy’s!).

Visually Brink Looks Amazing and Character Models Can be Customized

Brink is a game that I think may need some time to gain some followers.  I actually watched a pretty solid video on it from Kotaku that does a great job of showing us what the game looks and plays like without some critic dumping his/her 2 cents into it.  If you’re on the fence and just want to see what Brink is all about this video does the best job at staying neutral on the matter.  If anything, Brink looks freaking fantastic, but just like in real life, looks aren’t always everything.  Just ask your buddy who got the clap from that bodacious looking babe he met at the bar.

For your viewing pleasure I’m including the Brink launch trailer below, because I really do think it looks interesting.  I want to know some of your thoughts on this game?  I’d like to hear from both gamers who are thinking about picking Brink up, as well as those whole have already adopted it, so chime in on the subject using the comments section below.  I feel like I should go pick it up, but for some reason I just can’t pull the trigger.  How about you?  You’ve been taken to the Brink, but didn’t know what to do…


Brink Launch Trailer



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