To Defy Lucas’ Trilogy Changes Vader Stars in ‘Yes Man’ Parody


It seems Darth Vader is just as outraged as millions of fanboys across the galaxy at the horrendous scene changes George Lucas has made in the Blu-ray release of his sex-tology.  Poor Darth has been made to look a fool in the prequels, and now the original Star Wars trilogy with his penchance for screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO like some lumbering Frankenstein dummy.  Lucas just can’t seem to let Darth live on the way he has as the most evil villain in movie history.  It’s like Lucas wants Darth to be a p*ssy a*s b*tch these day, and can’t let him be the bada*s that most of us grew up with.

In a move to show his anger at George’s changes to his character Darth Vader is taking a starring role in the Yes Man remake.  If you don’t believe me check out the trailer below.  If you do believe me slap yourself, but still enjoy the parody video below.  You’ve been vomiting in your mouth ever since you heard about the additional changes to Star Wars…

Yes Man Starring Darth Vader


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