Disney Infinity has arrived and it’s Skylanders worst nightmare. Disney has found yet another way to get into your pockets.

Within the Disney Infinity starter pack, you will get Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Sully. The three playable games are Pirates of The Caribbean, Monsters University, and The Incredibles. Additional figures will be available through purchase of  packs, which include villains or sidekicks that can be used for both single player or multiplayer.

The villains pack includes Randy, Davy Jones, and Syndrome, while the sidekicks pack include Captain Barbosa, Mike, and Mrs. Incredible. Cars and The Lone Ranger are separate stories that come with two collectibles each. Adding to the collectibility factor are blind packs containing power discs – some of which can be used in the story mode or Toy Box. The circular power discs can be used during the game as an upgrade to your character. The hexagonal power disc can be used as add-ons in the Toy Box.


Disney Infinity is a game of endless possibilities, that handles quite well outside of the occasional camera issue. There are main missions and side missions. The more you missions completed, the more items you can unlock to add to your Toy Box. The highlight of Disney Infinity is the Toy Box. This is where your creativity and imagination come to life. You can create a world anyway you see fit. The Toy Box is where you put those hexagonal power discs to use.

Get ready to burn a hole in your pocket with Disney Infinity.  The villains and sidekicks packs start at $29.99 each. A single character will start at $13.99. Cars and The Lone Ranger start at $39.99.  Jack Skellington is the next character to be released first exclusively at GameStop 10/5 – 10/28 before it hits major retail stores. Toys R Us has an exclusive Lightning McQueen single character. Toys R Us also has exclusive power discs. The power disc packs start at $5.99. There are 20 collectible power discs and that’s just Wave one. There has not been a release date set for wave two as of today, but don’t forget those are sold in blind packs. Expect to get duplicates. Based on the release of Jack Skellington being in October, expect Disney to come strong this holiday season. Also expect to see good deals when it comes to purchasing single characters, packs of characters, and power discs.

Disney Infinity is fun for any age. Parents will be able to bond with their children for hours while reminiscing over their favorite Disney characters and introducing them to their children.  The only down side, the classic characters don’t have a release date yet.  With an 85 year Disney heritage, Pixar, Marvel Comics, the Muppets, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones in the mix this will truly be an adventure to infinity and beyond.

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