Toast Makes A Fantastic Wooden Phone Cover

I’m not normally one for phone cases, it wasn’t until I recently purchased my iPhone that I cared about having protection over my device. Though, I am a sucker for aesthetically pleasing accessories when it comes to my technological devices. When the people over at Toast reached out to test out their latest and greatest, I jumped at the opportunity!

Now, let me go ahead and let you know that this is a phone COVER not a phone CASE. This means that the product I am going to describe to you is not an accessory that will keep your phone safe from damage. I was actually, finally, able to install my tempered glass screen protector onto my phone (Wasn’t able to with my OtterBox on).

Lets get right down to brass tax guys, this cover is amazing. First off, the cover is made from real wood. When you go to customize your case you get to choose from about three different kinds of wood. From here you have to pick the model of your phone and whether or not you want any extras with it. As far as the extras are concerned, you can get different symbols or animals etched into the back of the cover. I chose to have a squid etched into the back, have my online handle laser burned in as well as choosing to have a front cover for my phone.

My beautiful Toast Made case with custom etchings.

When my cover finally came in I was eagerly waiting to apply it to my phone. I was skeptical at first when I removed the cover from the packaging. Upon receipt I took it out and first looked at the case. They get shipped as stickers essentially with paper that you have to peel off. I didn’t think that it was real wood after taking a closer look. Fortunately, I was wrong, they have videos on their website that show how these cases are made. They even smell like real wood, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they are even real.

On to the nice parts of the cover, my customizations. The squid etching I chose came out wonderfully as did my online handle. The couple things I struggled with were putting on the cover itself and trying to to have any of the small parts of the cover not come off. With all the add-ons that I got, this would’ve put the cover at around ~$60.00.

I was able to sit the phone in a small puddle of water and have the case come out virtually unscathed. All in all I absolutely love my Toast phone cover. Seriously this thing is amazing. There are even custom made buttons for the volume and if you need to take the SIM card out of its slot. I plan to check out their website for their other great products they make, they even have a cover for a Playstation 4! You can get your own covers over at their website here!

Toast Made iPhone Cover Summary

Build Quality - 9.3
Functionality - 4.9
Ease of Use - 9.4
Price - 6.4
Entertainment Value - 6.2


A highly recommended phone cover!

One of the best phone covers on the market right now. The real wood gives a great look and feel to the phone. The custom options came out wonderfully. My only qualm is that without another screen protector, you have to be really carful not to drop it!

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Review Statement: The product was supplied by the developer for the sake of the review.

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