Toast’s Wooden PS4 Console Covers Really Do Class Up Your Entertainment Center

Toast is an online retailer that specializes in wooden protective covers for today’s high-end gadgets, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and even current-gen consoles. These covers are cut from real wood for every product they’re meant to protect, which gives each one a unique look and finish thanks to the grain of the wood flowing perfectly to create the illusion that your device is carved out of wood. When applied the cover truly does change the look of your device by taking its style to a new level of class and charm, so much so that your non-tech loving significant other, or high-faluting roommates can no longer bitch about having an ugly device breaking the fengshui of your abode.

I was recently sent the walnut colored PS4 wood cover from Toast to see just how awesome it could make my aging console look in real life, and after applying it I was even more impressed with the finished look than I previously thought I would be. The process of applying the wooden skin is simple and just takes a bit of time and precision. As long as you line up each of the wooden strips to cover the PS4 you will get a streamlined wood grain look thanks to the cover being cut from the same piece of wood, so following the included directions is recommended. I found the process to be much simpler and a lot less stressful than applying say a smartphone screen protector, because you don’t have to worry about air bubbles since the cover is wood and not malleable plastic.

Installation Process

The hardest part about the install is making sure you place each strip precisely so the others fit over them, as well as just making sure they go on straight, because once they’re attached the resin doesn’t leave much room for error, or the possibility of repositioning the cover piece. Since the covers are real wood you can distort them or even break them if you try to pull them off after a bad placement, so one must be extra careful when placing each strip of the cover into its final resting place.

The whole process probably took 20-minutes, and that’s only because I’m super anal about applying any type of gadget cover. Once it was installed though I instantly realized the visual benefits of using one of Toast’s gaming console covers. The PS4 is a sexy looking device without the cover, but with it the console gets transformed into one of the most elegant looking game machines I’ve ever seen. It really does transform into a console that looks like it was crafted from a tree, and not just another piece of shiny plastic to adorn your entertainment center. Speaking of which, if you do have one and it’s also made out of wood, Toast’s console covers can probably match its color perfectly with the four available wood finishes you can choose from for the PS4 or the Xbox One, which is an added bonus for those looking for a more cohesive feeling entertainment center.

With a Toast cover your tech can truly look organic as if it were a part of your entertainment center and not just an expensive looking piece of plastic resting on it. The console covers retail for $59.99, which sounds a bit pricey, but after applying one to my own PS4 it definitely makes it feel like its value also went up $60. You can even customize the covers with text or logos, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing these wooden protectors. Plus, in the end the covers are made out of real wood, so your console truly does get a protective skin wrapped around it, so while the immediate benefit may be a radical looking console, a Toast cover can also protect it from wear and tear.

toast-ps4-cover- 2

You can pickup your own Toast cover for your PS4 from Amazon today! If you own a Xbox One you can also order a Toast cover for it from Amazon. Of course you can see all of Toast’s wooden gadget covers on its official website.


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