I’d love to be writing about people eating boogers, or the next great video game, but Verizon is the only thing on my mind right now.  You see, my lovely little Droid Incredible kind of got a little wet last night, and it wasn’t from me stroking its screen.  I spilled some water and instead of a roll of paper towels to dry it up, my Droid Incredible handled most of the soaking.  I thought I was in the clear when everything looked kosher last night before I went to bed, but upon waking I saw that my phone no longer accepts a charge.  Some of the water must have fried the micro-USB port, so it’s safe to say that my phone is hosed.

I thought no big deal, I’ll just head over to Verizon and make a claim on my warranty, or at least invoke the insurance that I pay for, and get a new phone.  This is where the story takes a downward spiral.  For some reason Verizon and HTC can’t keep the Droid Incredible in stock even though it has been out since last May.  I mean is the Incredible that popular that they can’t keep them on the shelves?  It’s a great phone, but in the land of ever evolving electronics it’s already slightly dated, so you’d think that Verizon would have some in stock.  I guess that’s too much to ask from a cell phone company, because Verizon doesn’t have any in stock in my area.  I was told that I will have to wait at least 2 business days to have one shipped to me, and that for an extra $10 I could have one overnighted to me by Tuesday.

At this moment I could literally feel my bum getting sore from Verizon’s liberal screwing of my soul.  So much for customer service, because the reps at Verizon weren’t budging on any of my requests to try and resolve this issue today.  They wouldn’t let me get the Droid X, which they do have in stock, because I can’t upgrade any of my lines until the 19th of this month.  You would think that date was 3 years away and that Verizon had their arms tied behind their backs.  They absolutely refused to move up that upgrade 16 days to take care of my issue today and make me a happy customer.  You would of thought that I was asking to get free service for life the way the reps were treating me.  From what I could discern I had no wiggle room in the matter, and was screwed every which way.  Verizon ultimately refused to take that extra step that we as consumers almost expect from retailers to keep us happy and spending more money at their establishment.

So now I’m left with a Droid Incredible that is on its last legs as far as battery power goes, and I won’t get a new one until Tuesday.  Even then the phone has a 50/50 chance of being refurbished, or new from the factory.  What a crock of sh*t!  How can you not keep a phone in stock that is 5 months old?  In gadget years, the Droid Incredible is already about 10 years old!  Come on, can’t HTC hire some Chinese workers like Apple?  If my phone breaks I want a new one immediately!  I need these things to live these days.  My Droid has become my pacifier, so there’s no telling what may happen now.  You may just find me curled up in a ball, naked, crying, and shaking uncontrollably in a quagmire of my own filth.  Life is a bitch!  I hate you Verizon!  You’ve been sh*t on by Verizon customer service…

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