Todd McFarlane Stumbles Upon Lost Gem

Todd McFarlane holding the original artwork he found. And, yes, that's Daryl Dixon looking over his shoulder.

Todd McFarlane recently shared some cool news that he found a rare piece of original Spider-Man artwork from 1990 in his office which he says was a big “surprise” to find. McFarlane claims he sold most of his original Spider-Man pieces at conventions many years ago (before the explosion of Image, Spawn, McFarlane Toys, etc) usually for around $500, which is mind-boggling, and doesn’t have many lying around anymore.

Why mind-boggling? Because a few years back McFarlane auctioned off his cover art for Amazing Spider-Man #328 which sold for over $650,000. This was the cover where Spider-Man is punching the Grey Hulk almost completely off the cover. When the original cover sold in 2012 it set a record for the most valuable piece of come book art to sell at an auction.

Cue Venom

The original cover art in question was for the 1990 “Spider-Man vs. Venom” trade paperback which was the first time Spider-Man’s classic first battles with Venom were collected in one volume (ASM issues #298-300 & 315-317). This was a big deal because Venom was a big deal! When the alien symbiote chose to bond with Eddie Brock, who was naturally bigger and stronger than Peter Parker, coupled by their mutual hatred for Spider-Man they quickly became the Wall Crawler’s most lethal enemy.

Venom could do everything Spider-Man could do plus he was stronger, never ran out of webbing fluid, and was undetectable by Spidey’s spider-sense. Plus the fact Brock was hellbent on getting revenge against Spider-Man, who he blames for ruining his career and stealing his life. And, let’s just face it, McFarlane’s portrayal of Venom was so bad ass it’s easy to understand why he became such a fan favorite, while creating one of the hottest rivalry’s in comics.

So, should McFarlane ever decided to sell this piece, expect for another record to be shattered. Below are some pics of my copy of this book autographed by the man himself at the 2014 New York Comic Con.




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