Todd Phillips Assures ‘Joker’ Movie Will Be Rated R

Joker Director, Todd Phillips, has confirmed that the film will be Rated R, which is great news. Gritty takes on horrible villains need to be done in a way that reflects both the world and character in the same light as the comics, so an origin story about DC’s most psychotic villain, the Bat’s greatest foe, needs an R rating to be at its best.

I’m not sure if the rating will be based on visuals, as in graphic violence, or language, because I believe if a film has more than one F-bomb, it gets an R rating, so it could be a language R too. I’m hoping for a mix of violence and fowl language, as both fit the character of the Joker.

Phillips confirmed the rating in a comment on a new image he shared for the film, which teases that he and his crew, or editors at least, are putting the final touches on the film. It’s due out in theaters on October 4, 2019.

Check out the image below.

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Finishing touches.

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