The Division 2 is, let’s face it, gonna be one of the most popular games of 2019, even though it’s just going to do the same thing we’ve seen time and time again. Destiny 1 and 2, the first Division and Anthem, these looter shooters all come out half-baked with a ton of grinding and micro transactions. Everyone is gonna buy it, and complain about it, but they’ll see playing anyway because serotonin is hard to come by these days.

Getting those legendary weapons really gets the juices flowing in everyone.

Doesn’t matter how many people say it’s bad, you can shake down every Division fan until you’re both blue in the face. Doesn’t matter, looter shooters are like the videogame equivalent of bad jump-scary horror movies. They’re almost all completely soulless, they all feel the same, and everyone and their mother buys them.

Despite the title of the video, this isn’t a trailer for the literal endgame of Division 2. It’s just a narrative trailer about some of the factions within the game, and that’s it. A trailer about the actual endgame would just be them saying “Yeah, you go in the dark zone and try to not die to get a slightly better gun, and you just do that over and over forever.”

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