Tom Clancy’s The Division was a game many were excited to play. The realism and ballistic physics were a huge draw when shown off a few E3s ago. When the game launched many of the promises were not delivered, and the game was also “accused” of major graphical downgrades. That being said, it sold very well and had a huge community for many, many months—after that, though, the game lost players quite fast as updates and bug fixes came too late.

I played it, but only until I got out of the first zone and had to wait eight more hours for the rest of the game to download. This major expansion is the second of what was planned to be many. At this point, will a large expansion bring back the gamers it lost? If you still play the game and want more, this trailer does do a great job of showing off some neat content and ideas for the game.

There’s no release date as of yet, which feels like a major misstep as a tentative date and a drop on the game’s base price could intrigue new players to get in on the multiplayer experience.


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