Tony Swatton, Man at Arms, Forges Mjölnir In All Its Glory


The upcoming Thor: The Dark World, which is set to release this Friday, has inspired a lot of excitement from superhero fans across the globe. To build excitement even more, the ever talented Man at Arms, Tony Swatton, has taken his talents in a Thor direction, creating the iconic Mjölnir hammer – and it is every bit as badass as one would think.

Tony Swatton and his team of metal crafting masters break down the process of creating the gargantuan, twenty pound hammer in vivid detail; explaining the different techniques involved in the delicate process. From molding the hammerhead, all the way down to the intricate Celtic knotting on the hammer’s pommel, there is no denying the dedication and talent displayed by the Man at Arms team.

Despite how interesting watching Mjölnir’s creation is, it’s impossible not to be enthralled by the footage of the team absolutely destroying things with the hammer. The sheer damage that Mjölnir can cause is a glorious site to behold, and can’t help but make anyone watching as powerful as Thor.

Take a look at the entire video below and prepare for your Asgardian costumes for next year’s Halloween today.

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