Top 10 Coolest Weapons from Your Favorite Action Movies


Everybody loves a good action movie. The more explosions the better. And you can’t have explosions and mayhem without weapons. Let’s count down the top ten coolest weapons from movies in no particular order.


No menacing bad guy killed more screaming teenagers with a machete than Jason. He always had an unerring aim with his swing and probably would have been a champion sugar cane cutter had he switched professions. He was creepy, but his movies are classics.


In the movie “Dune,” only the Fremen knew the power of the Crysknife. This spectacular knife came from the jaws of the Arrikis sandworm. It gave off a mysterious glow and could only be sheathed after drawing blood. You will never own the Crysknife, but you can always check out this Gerber knife.

Water Bucket

Millions of kids cheered after the menacing Wicked Witch of West screamed “I’m melting!” after Dorothy throws a bucket of water on her in the “Wizard of Oz.” That unlikely death scene made her No. 4 on the list of the “50 Best Movie Villains of All Time.”


Leatherface introduced the movie world to death-by-chainsaw. Exiting from the human coil was never so messy and certain. We beg for a sequel titled “Paul Bunyan Meets Leatherface” to determine who is the better lumberjack in an axe vs chainsaw death match.

.44 Magnum

Dirty Harry made our day when he introduced the world to the power of the .44 magnum. He blows away enough bad guys to convince anyone to surrender when looking down the 8-inch barrel of this lethal weapon. Clint Eastwood  saying, “Do you feel lucky, punk?” still makes our day today.


The lightsaber wielded by Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars” set an entire generation cheering for the Jedis against the dark side of the Force and Darth Vader.

Oxygen Tank

When Chief Brody wants to kill a shark, he can kill a shark like a boss. In the movie “Jaws,” Brody stuffs an oxygen tank in the mouth of Jaws and blows up the shark. It was safe to go back in the water until “Jaws 2.”

5 Point Palm Exploding Heart

“Kill Bill” must be mentioned for the 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart martial arts technique where the victim walked five steps and died.


The movie “Goldfinger” saw James Bond ducking the lethal steel-brimmed hat thrown by the henchman Odd Job.

Noisy Cricket

Probably one of the best scenes from the Men in Black movies came when Will Smith underestimated the power of this tiny gun. It looks like a small child’s water gun, but it packs the punch of a seismic shock. So little, yet so awesome.


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