There’s no getting around it, E3 blew the pants off of most people that checked it out this year, and it doesn’t matter who you were paying attention to, because every single one of the AAA publishers had SOMETHING totally kick ass to show off this year. Sure, some stuff wasn’t hard to see coming, but some other reveals were the kind where you hear about it while you’re at work and you have to take an emergency bathroom break to check your phone and see if it’s true. Needless to say, even after a week of double shifts, you can bet your geeky ass that I was checking out every single press conference at the end of the day to see how many games I needed to pre-order. Paying off college loans can wait, right? But hey, you click on a link for the Top 10 AAA Publisher Moments at E3 and you’re expecting to see a kickass list, right? Well, let’s get down to it!

10) Halo 5 Warzone Trailer (Microsoft Studios)

Halo 5 is a serious change of pace for the games, even compared to Halo 4, which I thought was pretty fast-paced, but 5, from what I played in the beta, is a maelstrom of plasma, bullets, grenades, and ground-pounds. Now, I pretty much only got to play Team Deathmatch, and I thought that was awesome, but Warzone looks freaking amazing, like one of those game modes I will just never tire of. Player versus Player versus everything, it’s chaotic enough trying to deal with a team of enemy Spartans, but throwing in hordes of vicious Covenant soldiers to the mix, with a ton of vehicles, with new Spartan abilities and techniques, is a recipe for destruction on a huge scale.

This is definitely a game mode that will be best enjoyed with a group of friends, and that’s cool, because that’s how Halo started, everyone played with their friends, and unlike games like Mario Party, for the most part, nobody wanted to rip out anyone’s trachea after a game on Blood Gulch. Seriously though, get some friends together to play Warzone when Halo 5 comes out and I guarantee that you’ll all have a blast killing aliens and enemy Spartans alike.

9) Star Fox Zero Demo (Nintendo)

Star Fox 2 is the Star Fox game that never was, it’s unfortunate that the same can’t be said for Star Fox Adventures, which should never be played or seen in broad daylight. There were a lot of cool features that fans were promised way back when, and even though the game never came out, we got some pretty amazing titles later on, though they still lacked some of those features we were promised. Things like transforming Arwings were left behind and never to be seen in future games, but now, the wait is over with Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, which feels like a gift for all of the long-term Star Fox fans.

It feels like Miyamoto is apologizing for the cancellation of Star Fox 2 by giving us pretty much everything we’ve ever wanted in a Star Fox game, with all the corny one-liners, space pigs, cinematic views, and giant explosions that we could ever hope for! I don’t know that Star Fox is going to suddenly get some kind of resurgence and become a huge household name like it was in the 90’s on the SNES and N64 days, but I’m glad that we’re getting another real installment in the series. Let’s hope that it ends up being as good as it looks!

8) Dishonored(2) all day and all night (Bethesda)

Now, we already knew about Dishonored 2, but that doesn’t mean that we already knew how freaking awesome it was going to look! New abilities, a new playable character along with Corvo, new crazy looking enemies, all with a familiar setting will be featured in the next Dishonored title.

Dishonored 2 looks to improve upon the first game in every way that it can, which is pretty hard because the first game was a damn near perfect stealth action game. Now that would be enough, but we’re also getting a re-release of the first game with all of the DLC for Xbox One and PS4, so for those that need a next-gen refresher on what went on in the first game, or just wanna play it again with enhanced visuals, you’ll be able to pick up the remastered edition!

Bethesda wasn’t short on awesome announcements at E3, but let’s take it slow, we’ve got lots more stuff to talk about.

7) Kingdom Hearts III (Square Enix)

Kingdom Hearts III has been in the dark for about a year now, with no new videos, but Square has been diligent in letting us know that the game, indeed, is underway and is being worked on. It’s great to hear that kind of stuff and all, I was always glad that they weren’t forgetting us, but in this day and age, a lot of people only believe what they see, and we hadn’t seen much… until this E3 that is. We got some kickass cutscenes, gameplay that blows the previous games out of the water, and visuals that don’t even compare to previous games, they’re just so beautiful.

Sora and the gang are back in full force, with new weapons and abilities, including transforming key blades and Disney theme park rides that can be used as special attacks. How freaking cool would it be to kill Heartless while riding Space Mountain? The cinematics that were shown in parts of the trailer didn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but I’m sure once I’ve actually played the game they’ll make sense in context… or maybe not, knowing how convoluted the story of Kingdom Hearts truly is.

6) Just Cause 3 in general (Square Enix)

I’m sorry, can you say explosions? Just Cause 3 is absolutely ridiculous, and apparently there’s a story, but really, are we going to pretend that we care about the background to why we’re creating wrecking balls with helicopters and statue heads, or why we’re attaching soldiers to exploding barrels and watching them sail into the sky. The fact that the grappling hook can now be launched at many objects at once is awesome. I can’t wait to sail through the sky on top of a jet, hook it to another jet, and drive them both into a tower so I can bail at the last second, watch them explode, and play a rad air guitar solo on my way to the ground.

Well, it hasn’t been confirmed that you can do that last part, but that would be pretty cool, don’t you think? With a new arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, Rico is going to be bringing some stylized destruction to us this winter, and we already know it’s gonna kick so much ass.

5) Destiny: The Taken King (Activision)

Well, it only took a year, but it actually seems like Destiny will finally be a complete game! But seriously, all jokes aside, The Taken King is an amazing looking expansion to Destiny, adding a metric f*ckton of new content including a third subclass for every class! New places to explore, new characters to meet, new guns, new everything, The Taken King is going to be a must-have for anyone that’s played the game.

I’ve uninstalled Destiny twice, once before any DLC came out, and once more after the first one came out, but I’ve kept it since The House of Wolves came out, and I’ll definitely be waiting for The Taken King. I think Destiny will finally be staying on my hard drive for a long time thanks to this new expansion. It’s almost like I finally feel like a hero in terms of the story, because enough has actually happened to where I feel justified in feeling like a total badass in Destiny. I don’t just feel like another lame MMO character thrown into a repetitive first-person shooter, and maybe that’s a good reason to never pre-order games, because, frankly, they aren’t always complete. But with the new expansion announced, I finally feel like Destiny is truly worthy of being a Bungie game, and that it is finally worthy to follow in the footsteps of their past achievements.

4) Star Wars Battlefront Hoth Gameplay (EA)

I will just come out and say it right now, I did not grow up with Battlefront, I played the game a couple times, thought it was alright, and moved on with my life. I love the movies, I could watch them endlessly on repeat (the original trilogy, I mean, not the Jar-Jar Binks/Emo Skywalker trilogy). Those movies just had this amazing larger-than-life feeling to them, with scenes like the Hoth battles, Luke vs. Darth Vader, characters like Han Solo and Boba Fett, nothing could beat those movies, and I mean nothing.

George Lucas is a certifiable genius for bestowing that kind of movie magic upon us, and inspiring so many books, comics, and video games, of course. Watching the Hoth gameplay just brought me right back to that childhood wonder that I felt the first time I saw Episode 5 and the Hoth battle. Seeing the different abilities that different classes had, all the different weapons, power ups, and aircrafts battling in the skies was almost overwhelming. The first person views from inside the TIE fighters and X-wings were simply stunning, seeing the graphical leap from the last game to this one is, much like Kingdom Hearts, just an incredible leap overall.

The sound effects are just simply spot-on, it’s really like being in the scene from the movie, you really feel like you’re there, and that’s just from watching someone else play, not even actually playing it. I haven’t really invested time in the old games, but I will most definitely be investing a lot of time in this one. I appreciate Star Wars a lot more now than when I was younger, and I’m excited to see what else this game will offer me.

3) The Last Guardian (Sony)

The Last Guardian has been stuck in development hell for what seems like an eternity, and every time we see it, it always looks so promising, like “oh boy, finally, it’s coming out!” Then, of course, sadness, depression, and the realization that it may never see the light of day, but this reveal feels different, like maybe it’s actually going to work this time. Technology has come a long way, and Sony knows how badly people want this game, they know we’ve been waiting a long time, and that it has to be an amazing game, so hopefully they won’t let it become another Duke Nukem Forever, which essentially struck the final blow to the bubble-gum chewing ass kicker.

The Last Guardian looks better than ever, and is really starting to look like a real, tangible game, something that we’ll actually be able to play very soon, and I can’t wait for that to happen. I know the baton has been handed on to many developers and publishers, but come on, it’s Sony, I think they’ll really pull through on this one, it’s like Pedro said in Napoleon Dynamite, “If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.” I vote for Sony in that case, this time, it’s for real, and The Last Guardian will finally be ours!

2) Doom Gameplay (Bethesda)

You can’t even watch the Doom gameplay trailer and tell me that it didn’t bring you right back to Doom 1 and 2, it was just off-the-charts levels of badass bloody brutality. Between the gorgeously disturbing visuals, the nasty looking demonic enemies, the heavy-metal music, big ass guns, and hardcore executions, it’s bound to be even more action-packed than Wolfenstein: The New Order. I don’t know if the story will be nearly as intriguing, I mean, not that anyone is really looking for an in-depth story in a Doom game, but, I would be pleasantly surprised if the story was much more than massacring hordes of demons with machine guns, lasers, and the BFG.

New mechanics like takedowns and executions will be an awesome addition to the game, because that’s just stuff you couldn’t do way back when Doom 3 had some capability, but that was more of a horror game than a kill-everything-the-most-brutal-way-possible game. Of course, enemies are gonna be able to smash your head in and probably do some pretty nasty stuff to you, but you’re packing enough heat to take down an army of demonic freaks, so don’t let that happen!

The multiplayer looks pretty awesome too, super fast-paced and frenetic with the same weapons from single-player and a slew of power-ups, like being able to become a demon yourself and cause havoc on the battlefield. Doom is going to knock down your front door, punch you in the face, and suplex you into a pile of TNT while Megadeth serenades the whole thing, and I’m just fine with that.

1) Fallout 4 (Bethesda)

F*CKING. DUH. Fallout 4 blew everyone’s pants off of their collective asses into the stratosphere, and was everything that we had ever hoped for and then some. With updated visuals, a brand new setting in Boston, new ways to customize weapons and your home base, and new ways to customize your armor as well. The power armor is almost like an Ironman suit now, you step into it and it turns you into a walking tank, you can now not only withstand more damage, but you can also use a booster pack to get some air or avoid falling too fast and hurting yourself.

You’ll be able to collect materials to build your own settlement in the wasteland as well, you’ll be able to recruit people to live in it, build defenses against raids, invading super mutants, and tons of other dangers that any settlement in the wasteland would face. All kinds of new weapons and attachments will be available, either for the right amount of bottle caps or on the corpse of someone with a gun you like. Of course, we all know how that works in Fallout by now though.

Dogmeat looks to be your faithful companion no matter what, and no, he can’t die like some followers could in previous games, so it looks like he might be the only one you’ve got. Though that could be a wrong guess, but, hey, I’d be fine with a dog companion for the whole game, as long as it’s nothing like Call of Duty GhostsFallout 4 is hopefully going to be the game of the year, if not, the game of the freakin’ decade, it should be on everybody’s must-buy list, and if you haven’t already, check out the trailer for it.

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