6) Wolfenstein: The New Order


This game’s narrative still blows me away when I think about how engaging it was. For a game that allows you to dual wield assault rifles and make giblet piles out of Nazi guts, Wolfenstein: The New Order still managed to provide characters worth caring about, which in turn makes each and every mission you take B.J. on that much more important. The narrative offered a softer side of the protagonist, as well as an antagonist to hate so much that you have to get to the end to resolve things and do right by your companions. The prologue is one of the best I’ve ever come across, and is responsible for setting up the game’s plot, as well as giving players reason to drive B.J.’s mission until the bitter end.

5) Halo 4


In all honesty, every Halo game could be included on this list, because quite frankly they all feature engrossing narratives to me that make the world Bungie created so damn intriguing. I limited this list to containing just two Halo games though, to be fair, so let’s start with Halo 4, which managed to kick-off yet another exciting trilogy in the Master Chief run of Halo games. The obvious standout in the Halo 4 narrative is the humanization of the Master Chief, who up until now has more or less been an unstoppable robot of Covenant destruction, but in Halo 4 his humanity begins to creep out thanks to his bond with Cortana, who happens to be dying. The whole Didact thread is also quite entertaining, and it helped to shed a bit more light on the Forerunner race we heard about in the first three Halo games, as well as peeling back more layers of the game’s universe in general. After playing Halo 4 I was compelled to research its lore and that of the Forerunners, which just goes to show you how powerful this game’s narrative was on an inquisitive mind like myself.

4) Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2 may not be a traditional FPS title, but it still qualifies for this list, mainly because I said so! Either way, its narrative is awesome, namely due to the inclusion of Wheatley, who is easily one of the most rad, if not diabolical robots to be featured in any medium. His witty dialogue and goading of Chell is both humorous and curious, which helps to push you through the game’s mind boggling puzzles to figure out exactly what is going on, and if Chell is to be forever doomed running through Aperture Science’s tests. The fact that GLaDOS makes a return with surprising intentions is just icing on the inedible cake that is Portal 2.

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