Top 10 Hearthstone Cards that Focus on the Gift of Giving

You do know Hearthstone isn’t always about you, right? You’d be nothing without your opponent. Instead of focusing on your side of the board, why don’t you take your competitor’s feelings into consideration every once in a while? Maybe it’s the holidays getting to me, but I just want to make sure you know that you are appreciated, Zoolock #572.

Here’s a few cards to throw in your decks to let your enemies know how much you truly care about them:

10.) Demonfuse (TGT)

“Very dangerous when attached to a demonbomb.”

Who doesn’t love an extra mana crystal? I know if an enemy were to give me a mana crystal, I’d be elated. One of your own demons gets a pretty decent buff for a 2-mana drop, so this isn’t much of a selfless act. It’s not the best gift, but it’ll do in a pinch. Try buffing one of their demons if you need to rid yourself of the guilt.


9.) Curse of Rafaam (LoE)

“This is what happens when Rafaam stubs his toe unexpectedly.”

Arch-Thief Rafaam is such a generous guy. For just a mere two mana, he’ll give your opponent an extra card! This one’s a pretty nice gift when you’re not really sure what your enemy wants. They may or may not like the corresponding damage taken from it, but it’ll only cost them what you spent on it to remove it, so it’s pretty much a free gift. Thanks, Rafaam!


8.) Mulch (TGT)

“Is this a noun or a verb? We will never know.”

You and I both know that that enemy Elven Archer on the board lacks purpose and direction in life, so why not give it a reason to die? Destroy one of your opponent’s useless minions to give them a better one to use next turn. They’ll love you for it! Even if you’re about to wipe the board, so what? It won’t replace their recognition of your hospitality.


7.) Sap (Basic)

“Rogues love sappy movies.”

Sap’s an interesting gift. “Ugh,” your opponent may think. “I just spent all my mana to get this minion out, and now I have to do it again next turn.” It’s not much of a surprise as both parties know exactly what you’re giving to your foe, so get creative with it! Sap their Saboteur to give them a beneficial disadvantage, or use it on their Master Jouster and let the fates decide the quality of the gift.


6.) Recycle (GvG)

“Druidic recycling involves putting plastics in one bin and enemy minions in another bin.”

Recycle shares the same gift-giving mindset as Sap employs, but it comes with more of a “Surprise!” element. They probably just obtained that Kun the Forgotten King–they must have been so excited to draw it in a game and actually be able to play it strategically. Imagine how happy they’ll be when they get to draw it again!


5.) Excavated Evil (LoE)


Excavated Evil is a pretty fair trade, I think. Luck can’t always be on everyone’s side, you know? There’s just some things in life you can’t control. Comfort your enemy by giving them the same opportunity you were given (after you finish wiping their board, of course). One good, fair fight is all it takes to establish healthy relationships in Hearthstone. Remember this even after the holidays.


4.) Naturalize (Classic)

“Another one bites the dust.” 

Much like Mulch above (#8), use Naturalize to help your rival clear their board to make room for bigger, more vigilant minions. It even gives your opponent two cards for them to use to fill the gaps. Now they’ve got plenty of space to play their 1/1 Murlocs, and it’s all thanks to you!


3.) Beneath the Grounds (TGT)

“Can you hold these eggs for just a second? I promise they’re not full of giant enraged undead spider things.”

This 3-mana drop is equally fun for everyone involved. Your opponent gets not one, not two, but three extra cards in their deck for free! Whenever they draw one of these Ambush! cards, you’ll get a 4/4 minion on your side of the battlefield. Awesome! It’ll be the perfect target for one of the fifty fireballs they have in their hand. Helping to build up someone else’s confidence has never felt better.


2.) Repentance (Classic)

“Repentance often comes in the moment before obliteration. Curious.”

Secrets, secrets–they’re no fun, unless you share them with no one at all because that’s the whole point. And there’s the beauty of Repentance! Happiness is the last thing they’ll expect to feel when they see the secret unveiled, and they honestly might be right to follow that instinct. This one’s a hit-or-miss gift, so hopefully they’ll have the foresight to play Deathwing with a hand full of dragons. If not, it’s the thought that counts, right?


1.) Ancestral Spirit (Classic)

“It was just a flesh wound.”

Ah, Ancestral Spirit. Resurrection is the best gift you can give to anyone, really, and it only requires a couple mana to pull off. If you think your opponent may be worried about that Doomsayer getting prematurely obliterated, consider giving them this. It doesn’t even take three turns for the dead to rise–Ancestral Spirit triggers immediately upon the minion’s death, which is sure to bring a smile to enemies with even the bleakest of outlooks.


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