The year 2012 has been good to gamers so far with its releases, but what about the best multiplayer games of the year? The following are the top ten most anticipated games for 2012 (no particular order) that can be played with others online with Internet service providers permitting.

Top Ten Most Anticipated Multiplayer Games of 2012

DUST 514

Considered to be this generation’s most ambitious project, DUST 514 is an exclusive MMO designed by the company that created EVE Online. At the moment, those who actively subscribe to EVE Online will have preferential treatment for the beta — and rightfully so.

Mass Effect 3

The epic finale to a great trilogy that began from the minds of a respected developer in the industry, and it goes without saying that fans have longed for this game since its first announcement. Being able to craft Shepard from hand has also tied many people to indulging in this franchise, and for the first time, there will be multiplayer action involved that some gamers are looking forward to.

Twisted Metal

Creator David Jaffe has stated that he is all about fun and stimulating gameplay, and Twisted Metal looks to be able to provide this for hours on end, especially on the multiplayer spectrum. The classic car combat franchise that first began many years ago on the PlayStation has returned, and it looks better than ever being powered by the PlayStation 3.

Street Fighter X Tekken

It should really go without saying how ambitious this project is; two great franchises have crashed into each other, offering just some of the myriad of possibilities of approaches and fighting styles that can occur. Fans of both series will enjoy pitting their mastered fighters against their opponents to find out who is the better of the two to still stay standing.

Halo 4

With 343 Industries now in control of the reigns, there are many concerns about the series. However, the more information that comes out, the more faith is restored in the series. Halo Anniversary is likely going to go down as one of the best remakes in the industry, so if their work is the same there as it is on Halo 4, there should be no questions about its entry.

Battleblock Theater

Chances are those who have only ever played one game on XBLA, it was Castle Crashers. It has been a very long time, and Battleblock Theater has arrived. The single player looks excellent, but perhaps most important is the multiplayer. Pals can join in on the story mode, but most people will spend their time in the competitive modes, which features gold hoarding, soccer, block coloring and soul stealing.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The fast and frantic first person shooter by valve has had a prominent presence on the PC for more than ten years now, maintaining a long time, strong community in the industry. Now this year will see Counter Strike be done correctly on the consoles in the form of Global Offensive, available on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Guild Wars 2

Since the game was announced in 2007, ArenaNet has remained quiet about its development process. Fortunately, details have been leaking out lately, and it is safe to say that the vision has remained true to what made Guild Wars so successful to begin with. It is also important to note that there is no subscription, so a game like this could blow the faltering World of Warcraft into its grave.

Borderlands 2

The sci-fi fantasy from Gearbox, Borderlands, provided a hefty amount of vehicular combat and customization. Therefore, it makes perfect sense why there is such a hype over the sequel that is looking to further up the ante for the experience available in multiplayer in settings that seem to be even more colorful than what was in the original game.

Diablo III

Though not guaranteed to release in 2012, there is extreme hype for Blizzard’s plans. All in all, it looks gorgeous and impressive, making it a perfect fit for this list.

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