Every video game has its hero. Whether it’s a defined hero like Mario, Sonic, and the like, or you’re the hero, in games like Skyrim, Dragon Age, and such where you truly play the hero and shape the story. No matter what, a lot of characters have some kind of sidekick that sticks with them for the whole game, or sometimes shows up at just the right moments. These guys would do anything for you, the hero, whether it be defending y0u from hostile enemies, helping you traverse dangerous terrain, or putting themselves in danger so that you can make it to your goal. I think it’s about time that the bullet sponges and stunt doubles of gaming got some recognition, so here are my Top 10 Selfless Companions in Gaming!

(Possible spoilers for some games inbound, so if you see a game that you plan on playing, kindly skip past it if you want).

10) Titan (Titanfall)

Maybe it’s just because your Titan is programmed to follow you or defend you, but I’d like to think that he’s more like a giant metal Golden Retriever with missiles, a machine gun, and a huge kinetic shield. Your titan is always there for you, and he’ll keep fighting right up until he explodes into a smoldering wreck. Of course, you’ll just end up calling him in again within two minutes, but when he’s there, he really helps, from the moment you call him in, he can kill enemy soldiers just by crushing them! You can either opt to climb into him which basically just increases your ability to fight, gives you a more powerful gun, replaces grenades with missiles, and gives you a better chance to fight other enemy titans. Put him in follow mode, and you’ve basically got a 25 foot tall bodyguard that’s ready to crush some skulls, tear off some limbs, and fight to the death for you, his pilot.


9) Zero (Megaman X)

Zero starts off in the series as sort of X’s mentor, he saves X from the clutches of Vile, one of the main antagonists in the first game. By the end of the first game, Zero sacrifices himself to save X and weaken Vile so that X can finally finish him off. His dying act is that he gives X his Z buster, which is the most powerful weapon in the whole game, and is a pretty cool final addition to your arsenal. He saves X’s ass more times than he can count, although, to be fair, X literally help put him back together in the second game, thus saving him, but that’s just once compared to the many times Zero saved him and stuck his neck out for him. X and Zero go through some ups and downs through later games, but always end up sticking together in the end, even after damn near killing each other, Zero sacrifices himself to save X in X5. Zero is an unforgettable hero and has pretty much cemented himself as possibly the most awesome character in the Megaman universe.

Megaman X4 Zero

8) Bloodwing (Borderlands)

Mordecai was the character that caught my eye the first time I ever played Borderlands, he was just so cool and mysterious looking. At first, he’s sort of the glass cannon character, he’s good with sniper rifles and long range weaponry, and before you get your active skill, he’s kinda meh, without proper weapons and such. However, once he gets his skill, Bloodwing, you learn a little bit more about him and he can improve pretty quickly. Bloodwing is his pet bird that’s got a taste for flesh, and when you bring him out, he does some serious damage with his claws and beak. He’ll fly around clawing and pecking at enemies while they fire machine guns at him, try to blow him out of the sky with rockets, and generally try to turn him into a pile of avian goop. But he just keeps going, and always will for Mordecai, he’ll attack anything you send him after, and the attachment to him only gets stronger in Borderlands 2, but I’ll try not to spoil anything for those that just picked up the Handsome Collection.

Borderland 2 Bloodwing

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