Top 4 Game Changing Moments From The Walking Dead: Some Guy

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It took four tries, but we finally got an emotionally relevant episode of The Walking Dead in its eighth season.

Spoilers below for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.

Up until “Some Guy”, which aired last night and focused heavily on King Zeke, The Walking Dead’s eighth season has been overly boring and hasn’t offered many emotional punches to get the guts of fans in a tizzy. That changed in “Some Guy”, which completely deconstructed the character of King Zeke by reducing him to just “some guy” before everything was said and done. This episode can be considered the first major victory for the Saviors, who up until now have been getting their asses kicked by Rick, the Widow, and the King. That all changed thanks to two .50cal machine guns, which reduced the King’s raiding party to just himself, Jerry, and Carol, who missed the massacre due to being inside the compound when it went down. The carnage forever changed the King, which in turn will have a great affect on the mission moving forward, so only time will tell how far the King will fall after he was utterly reduced to nothing in “Some Guy”.

Of course this The Walking Dead recap wouldn’t be complete without going over its key moments that had, or will have game changing effects on the season moving forward. There were four of these moments in “Some Guy”, which you can read more about below. Each of these moments are standout moments for the episode, but also for how they’ll impact the narrative as the season progresses. They’re not ranked by importance, rather they’re listed in order of their appearance in the show.


1. .50 cals and The Kingdom Don’t Mix

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At the end of last week’s episode we saw the .50 cal attack on King Zeke and his army, but we didn’t get to fully see the extent of the attack until the opening of “Some Guy”. It was revealed that the .50 cal attack decimated the King’s entire army, and it also left him injured with a leg wound that didn’t allow him to walk without a cane. What’s even worse is that his fallen followers start to reanimate as Walkers, so the King can’t even begin to grieve before his former followers try to eat him alive.

This moment clearly shocked the King, and it was the beginning of the end of his charade. Seeing the devastation he led his faithful followers was too much for him to handle, and it slowly whittled away his confidence as a leader, but also changed him as a man. After his brief capture by a Savior, the lie he’s been living becomes even more clear to him, so seeing his forces decimated was the first crack in his kingly facade, which slowly eroded to nothing by the time the episode ended.

2. Jerry’s Big Chop

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Shortly after King Zeke finds his forces to be decimated and that they’re coming back to life to eat him, he’s captured by a picture perfect Savior goon. I mean this guy completely embodies what it means to be “Negan”. All you want to happen to him is the worst thing possible based on his arrogance and sheer evilness. Luckily, we get just that thanks to a surprise appearance by Jerry, the King’s most faithful subject.

By not showing Jerry in the pile of bodies at the beginning of the episode it was pretty clear that he probably survived the machine gun attack, but it wasn’t clear how he would be brought back into the fold. Well, let’s just say that he was brought back in the most epic way possible to let us know that he survived the attack. Just as it looked like the King was going to lose his head — literally — Jerry used his battle axe to literally split the Savior’s body into two halves. It was glorious, and one of the most gruesome deaths to be featured on the show involving a human killing another human. We’ve seen plenty of over-the-top kills on this show, especially those involving walkers, but I can’t remember a living human kill this gruesome to date. You could argue the Negan baseball bat deaths are on the same level as this one, but from a standpoint of pure gore, seeing Jerry split a man in two has to take the cake.

3. “We got the guns”

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The whole point of the attack on the Savior garrison featured in this episode was to secure the same guns that left the King without subjects. Carol was first in trying to secure them, but after leaving her mission for the guns to save the King and Jerry, it was left to Rick and Daryl to hunt them down. You could definitely argue that their timing was a bit too convenient, because just as the truck holding the guns sped away from Carol, she hears the faint sound of a motorcycle off in the distance, and immediately knew that she didn’t need to resume her chase. She knew that Daryl and Rick were already in pursuit, even though they had no clue what the truck looked like that was transporting the guns, or that a truck even left with the guns, but hey, it’s TV right, so anything can happen.

No matter how they knew that they magically ended up chasing the exact truck they were looking for, the act of Rick and Daryl finding the .50 cals was a major victory for their cause. They now have a formidable arsenal of heavy machine guns and other deadly weaponry, which should only help in their fight against the Saviors. Although, thanks to the premiere’s flash forwards, it still seems as if Rick will be regretting whatever future choices he will make in this war, so while this is definitely a victory, it doesn’t appear as if it won’t come without great costs.

4. RIP Shiva

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In what has to be considered the most heroic and tragic act of this young season of The Walking Dead, Shiva the Tiger has perished while saving her master. Just as it appeared that the King’s day couldn’t get any worse, he has to watch his faithful friend — and the main reason he rose to a position of power — die a gruesome death at the hands and mouths of a walker horde. In a heroic last act, Shiva the Tiger shows up at the very last moment to save the King as he, Carol, and Jerry get caught up trying to escape the walker horde consisting of the King’s former followers. King Zeke more or less gave up and begged Jerry and Carol to leave him for dead so they could escape, but before he could sacrifice himself, Shiva saved the day but quickly fell to the sheer numbers of the walker horde.

While this scene was tragic to watch, it further cemented the fall of King Zeke. While he all but gave up before Shiva’s sacrifice, watching the tiger perish was the nail in the coffin. It broke him in full, and completely reduced him to just “some guy”. The King will never be the same again due to the events in this episode, and watching his most faithful friend and servant die due to his failings all but killed him inside.


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