Top 4 Moments From The Walking Dead: The King, The Widow, and Rick

The Walking Dead’s eighth season continues to plod along, and the latest episode, “The King, The Widow, and Rick”, proved to be yet another mostly boring an uneventful look at Rick and company’s all-out-war against Negan and the Saviors. This season has been mostly stale, and not a single episode has really featured high levels of tension or any sense of fear that something bad may happen to the show’s star cast. This episode was no different, and while I struggled to stay awake for most of it, I still managed to jot down four top moments that either will lead to future narratives, or add to existing ones.

Can we also take a quick minute to discuss how stupid Rick truly is? I mean in what scenario does it make sense to go to the Garbage people by yourself and make demands of them? How does Rick even think that his mission will go his way here? Moronic, but I’m sure the writers will reveal why Rick is so stupid before the war is all said and done.

Without further delay, here are the top four moments from “The King, The Widow, and Rick”.

1. Naked Art Time and Rick’s Dumb Idea

This episode starts very calmly, but also very creepily as you see Jadis working on junkyard art wearing nothing but a smock to cover her naked body. These people make zero sense to me and their naked art time is just another example of how odd they all are. Not to mention they talk as if modern society has been gone for hundreds of years, so I’m not sure if these people are all from a mental hospital, or if they’re just all lazy asses who have developed a new language that is stripped down and very simple to speak. Either way I don’t like them and find them to be a bit too weird, even for a show about a zombie apocalypse.

The real reason this scene made this list though is for the fact that it shows how dumb Rick truly is, as well as setting up future narratives for him and the trash people. The fact that Rick thought he could reason with these creeps is mind boggling, but he tried by himself and failed hard. We find out in the final top moment of this episode what happens to him, but we will leave that discussion for that bullet point.

2. Carl Finds a Bud

When it comes to the saying about apples not falling far from the tree when describing a kid’s similarities to their parents, it works perfectly to describe Carl. For some reason this dope thought it would be a good idea to leave Alexandria during the Savior attack plan to find the dude he heard at the gas station during the show’s debut episode. Carl finds the guy, who we find out is named Siddiq, and for the most part he seems okay, but we all know that there’s no way this dude doesn’t cause some sort of wrinkle for Carl, Rick, and the other “good guys”.

I just have a hard time believing that Carl’s decision to find this guy won’t bite him, or many others in the ass before everything is all said and done. There’s no way Siddiq is just a regular dude who Carl happened to come upon. I’m thinking he’s a spy for Negan if anything else, so I’m guessing he’ll have a hand in the two graves we saw Rick crying over in the flash forward from Season 8’s premiere episode.

3. The Widow Makes a Choice

The Hilltop narrative is just as silly as Rick going to the trash people for help by himself. The whole “should we kill them or let them live” debate about the captured Saviors is well beyond played out at this point, and it did finally get resolved in this episode. Maggie decides to keep the Saviors as prisoners because they can be used as bargaining chips, but we all know this will cost her and the Hilltop in the end. It seems like the only choice she could make considering Jesus’ lobbying and the pull he has at the Hilltop, but it just felt overly inevitable, so why even drag it out. I can say with much confidence that Jared, the dickhead Savior, will make Maggie regret her choice. They’ve just focused on him too much to not have him doing something major before his own horrible demise.

It was refreshing to see Maggie lock up Gregory too, because that guy is easily one of the douchiest characters on the show, and someone who should probably be dead by now. Gregory will die a glorious death, and at this point it will be at the hands of a Walker after he helps the Saviors try to escape their Hilltop prison. That’s my guess at least, either way the dude will die a glorious death.

4. Rick Getting Shipped

The final top moment from this episode comes at the very end, and it reveals that Rick has been locked up in a shipping container at the Trash people’s compound. What makes it interesting though is that he’s nude, and Jadis drew an “A” on his container. The letter “A” is big in The Walking Dead, so it wasn’t drawn on Rick’s prison for shits and giggles. I’m not sure why she marked it, or what it could mean. She could be marking Rick’s prison to make sure he doesn’t get jacked up in some plan they have, or to signal to an invading force where he is. Either way, because of his stupidity, or because the show’s writers are being cute, Rick is now locked up and indisposed, so he won’t be making his visit to Sanctuary to meet up with his other conspirators.

I’m guessing Rick’s absence will lead to a Plan B, so hopefully we will get more insights into that next week before the show wraps for its midseason finale.


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