Top 4 Moments From The Walking Dead: Time for After

The Walking Dead’s eighth season continues to plod along, but like the previous six episodes featured in this season, “Time for After” was another dull and slow moving episode. This season just can’t get out of its own way in terms of featuring boring content and almost zero tension. While we got some solid looks at the evolution of Eugene in this new episode, the rest of its plot threads were overly drawn out and sleep inducing.

I somehow managed to come up with four key moments from this episode, but that’s only because they were obvious choices. In terms of obvious I mean they clearly moved this season’s plot forward, or setup things to come. They weren’t really stand out moments per se, but they will be impactful on this season as it moves forward.

1. Eugene Comes Clean to Dwight

At the beginning of this episode Eugene confronts Dwight and lets him know that he knows that Dwight is the mole. Dwight pretty much tells Eugene to stay quiet and all will work out, but Eugene makes it clear that his allegiances are with Negan. It’s strange that the two of them can’t do what each must do to silence the other, but as the episode plays out, it’s clear that they will be linked at the hip until the shit hits the fan as they say, so it’ll be interesting to see how their odd bond will resolve itself once the battle heats up.

2. Rosita Then Michonne Bail on Daryl

I went ahead and combined two scenes into one top moment here, only because they both dealt with Daryl’s plan to blow a hole in the sanctuary. Rosita is the first to realize that this plan is probably dumb and that they should trust Rick’s original plan, so she leaves. It takes Michonne a few more minutes to realize this same fact, but she does decide to leave to.

Quite frankly, this whole exchange was ridiculous and very drawn out. It’s so clear that Daryl’s plan is dumb and will screw them in the end, which makes all of the exchanges seem like throw away moments. These scenes are the epitome of what is wrong with Season 8.

3. Daryl’s Big Crash

In a follow up to the last top moment, Daryl pays off on his plan and crashes a trash truck through the walls of the Sanctuary. This of course allows all of the Walkers into the compound and they begin causing chaos within the walls. This of course goes against the plan Rick first set, so thanks to his blind rage for revenge, Daryl has more than likely screwed the proverbial pooch for Rick and Company.

The interesting thing to think about is who will directly suffer due to Daryl’s rage? I’m guessing it will be a major character or two, and that these characters will be the ones that we saw graves for in the season premiere.

4. Rick The Model

Rick’s thread these past two episodes have been as dumb as it gets. He got himself locked up by the Scavengers after asking Jadis for their help, and in this episode we got to see what happened to him. He was basically turned into a model for junk sculptures and then he was brought out to fight a walker. For some reason it only required Rick to beat up a few dudes with a pole to exert total dominance over the Scavengers, so after he makes Jadis stare into the eyes of a walker head trying to eat her, they join his cause.

Unfortunately, for Rick, they’re too late thanks to Daryl’s little maneuver, so while he has more forces behind him, Rick is now faced with a situation in which the Saviors may have escaped their prison. His plan is in shambles, so it’s only a matter of time before we all find out how much Daryl’s actions will cost the group. Either way, the Scavengers are weird as fuck and they still make no sense whatsoever, but that’s about par for the course these days in The Walking Dead.


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