Top 4 Moments From the Zombie Gut Laden The Walking Dead: Do Not Send Us Astray

After an action packed episode that left on a major cliffhanger involving Negan’s fate, we were treated to a battle episode of The Walking Dead this week with the “Do Not Send Us Astray” episode. While this episode didn’t reveal Negan’s fate, it did finally showcase the Battle of Hilltop, which was both satisfying and frustrating when you consider its two parts. I wouldn’t call this episode great by any means, because it mostly plods through the Hilltop narrative for the entire runtime, and then offers up a scenario that is almost too unbelievable, even for a show about the zombie apocalypse.

Although, it definitely had its moments, and four of them have been deemed as key type of moments by your’s truly. Each one of these moments will surely shape events to come, which is why they made this list, even if one of them came about through pure idiocy on behalf of Hilltop Nation. Head on down below to find out which moments made the cut.

1. Dwight Shoots Tara

The Battle for Hilltop kicks off within the first few minutes of the episode, and while Simon sends the Saviors in guns-a-blazin, he remains back with Dwight. The two eventually join the fray with Dwight staying behind Simon to keep tabs on him. As they made their way into the Hilltop Dwight spotted Tara blasting other Saviors, but before Simon could shoot her with his pistol, Dwight tags her with an arrow.

When I first saw this play out it was clear to me that Dwight decided to shoot Tara to save her from being shot with zombie infect bullets, or struck with an infected arrow. Like Tara eventually relates to Daryll, she also knew that Dwight shot her to ultimately save her, and while her stance on Dwight has no changed after he’s saved her twice, Daryl isn’t having it.

I can almost guarantee at this point that Dwight’s ultimate fate will be decided by Daryl and Tara, and one of them may perish themselves in the process. I believe Tara will sacrifice herself for Dwight in a major twist of fate and change of heart on her part, and this sacrifice will make Daryl believe in Dwight being a reformed Savior. Take it to the bank!

2. Hilltop Seemingly Owns the Saviors

The Battle of Hilltop ended almost as quickly as it started. Under Simon the Saviors had horrendous battle tactics, and they were easily outmaneuvered by the better prepared Hilltop faction. Simon and his forces were easily beaten back, and really didn’t cause too much damage, on the surface that is, during their attack. The battle was definitely won by the Hilltop gang, but as we will find out in the top moment below, the win was only short lived due to some brilliant war tactics by the Saviors.

What this battle showed though is that Maggie, Rick, and Zeke’s forces are finely tuned and capable of strategic warfare, which should bode well moving forward, even though their forces end up getting thinned out due to the Saviors’ poisoned weapons.

3. The Wounded Walkers

In a direct follow up to the Battle of Hilltop, we get to see Negan’s initial plan come to fruition. Thanks to the Saviors lacing their weapons with zombie guts, any Hilltopper that was shot or stabbed, but didn’t die, eventually became a walker. Led by Toben, these walkers made it to the Hilltop mansion where everyone was sleeping on the first floor, and they proceeded to have a human buffet as the living slept. By the time the living realized what was going on the damage had already been done, and even more Hilltoppers perished due to the walker outbreak. In the end Negan’s initial plan worked brilliantly, so while Hilltop won the battle, they may be losing the war due to the loss of their forces.

I have to say that this moment was a bit silly when you consider that an entire house of the living couldn’t hear walkers munching on people right next to them. At one point, one of the walkers falls down the damn stairs and makes all sorts of noise, but not a single living person is awoken by the ruckus. It just seemed a bit far fetched, and I know it’s ridiculous to even say that about a show that is about the zombie apocalypse, but it is odd that this group of people could band together and strategize well enough to win a battle, but they’re too deaf to hear zombies eating their friends right next to them.

4. Henry Screws Up

The final top moment from this episode really made me angry because I could see it coming from a mile away thanks to the focus that was put on Henry from the beginning of this episode. It was all too clear that this kid would end up doing something dumb, which in the end would cost the good guys dearly, and before it’s all said and done, his actions may even lead to the death of a main character. Without skipping a beat, Henry does do something very dumb in taking an AR-15 to the Savior pen and threatening them to turn over the man who killed his brother. The moment he did so I knew it was only a matter of time before he managed to let the Saviors out, while also loosing his weapon in the process.

Without fail the little dope opens the pen, and as walker madness took over the Hilltop, the Savior Henry has been wanting to kill takes advantage of the situation, steals the kid’s gun, and then frees himself and those who want to follow him out of Hilltop. While a few remained behind to pledge their loyalties to Maggie, most have more than likely returned to the Saviors. Now Hilltop no longer has its bargaining chips, and it now has to worry about finding Henry, who has more than likely ran away out of guilt for being an idiot. That or he’s been captured and will be used as a bargaining chip before this feud is all said and done.

Either way, Henry is an idiot, and a great reason why little kids shouldn’t have AR-15’s within their reach.


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