2013 is here and so, too, are new Android games and applications topping the list of potential downloads. Whether it is for fun or to pass the long hours of downtime in your life, Android games are a great way to turn your mobile device into a gaming system. If you are not sure where to begin or what may be useful to you, the following is a list of the top 5 Android Games for the first week. Use this as your guide to understanding what other users have found fun and exciting so that you can get your year started off right.

Bloons TD5


Part of the tower defense titles (TDS), this application is a great game for individuals of all ages. From the makers of the popular computer game known as Ninja Kiwi, Bloons TDS has multiple levels for individuals to use and explore throughout their game play. There are twenty-four different options in leveling up, and each of these has a different feel. What this means is that the user can enjoy a depth of play that is not always available or included in other TDS options. Further, for those who love great music and added sounds, the soundtrack for this game is amazing and adds a great deal of depth to this game.

SteampunkRacing 3D


With a solid fan base already in place, Steampunk Advocates will be excited with the new Steampunk Racing 3D game. Vehicle enhancements that allow users to design their perfect vehicle and an interconnectivity that allows you to interact with several new characters, the 3D graphics are making this game a popular option for fans of the racing genre. Weapon enhancements are also making this a popular choice in games. Just as with the vehicles, there are over twenty customizable weapons that can be used, each with their own mechanical capabilities.

Sonic CD


If you are seeking nostalgia and a taste of the past, Consider getting the Sonic CD. Yes, as the name suggests, the little blue hedgehog is back! Available at the Google Play Store, this game offers the characters from childhood and makes them available to a new generation. There are several levels—mimics of the past—but they have been restored with graphics and a vibrancy of color that brings a new quality to the game. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with this selection.

Street Fighter IV


Capcom is offering the next installment in their Street Fighter series with the Street Fighter IV. Currently only accessible in Japan, this Google Play Store addition is offering gamers a fun and exciting game to add to their collections. Illegal downloading options and games with cracking issues, however, have reached the mass market. For less than four dollars, it can be yours but be warned that it may have some technical issues because of its lack of mass circulation.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery


Role-playing games take on a whole new level with the Android Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery game. As the name may suggest to you, this Superbrothers game offers a fantastical approach to game downloads. Just moments into the game, individuals will recognize the intense graphic quality and the intriguing and enticing plot. Hours upon hours can be spent playing this game for fun and fantasy wherever you have your phone. It is one of the top among the offerings available this year and is also available at the Google Gameplay Store.

Based upon these five games climbing the charts of Android platform offerings, 2013 is starting out to be a fun year. Many of the aforementioned are available for low to no cost which makes accessing these fun games even easier. Try one or all and see which ones you find yourself enjoying throughout the year.


Author Bio: Jason Phillips is game freak and prefers playing online games. He has played almost every game at Truck Games 365 and Sniper Games too.


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