Sometimes you see a game being announced and you just know immediately, “I have to buy that, I need that game in my life,” but then, what happens? Maybe you don’t get around to buying it, or maybe you don’t have the cash to spend right when it comes out, and by the time you do, you’ve stopped thinking about how badly you wanted that game. A few years go by and you’re hunting deals at Gamestop when oh! What’s this? It’s that game you meant to buy so long ago but never did, and now for a mere 20 bucks, it can be yours! By now, it’s pretty old news, all of your friends have played it and beat it, some of them can’t even help you with it because they’ve forgotten most of it, but hey, you’ve got some spare change in your pocket, just buy it, man, just do it.

Every once in a while, you just stumble upon an old game you know nothing about, and you end up questioning just how the hell you went so long without even knowing about it. There’s just something so liberating about buying a game that’s not very popular or was but isn’t anymore, because no one is talking about it. You don’t have to worry about going to school or work and having your friends ask how far you are in it, if you got some secret achievement, you’re just in your own little private gaming world, it makes for a super immersive experience where everything else just melts away while you play into the wee hours of the morning.

I’m a bit of a lazy buyer when it comes to some games, and I have to say I think I enjoyed certain games a lot more because I bought them far after they came out, so here at my Top 5 games I’m glad that I waited to buy!

5) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Now, I’ll just say this up front, I think that Skyrim was a better game than Oblivion. However, I can’t even compare the amount of time I played one to the other. I played the shit out of Oblivion. I waited a while for that game to come out, probably didn’t get it till about 2010, and I got it with the Shivering Isles and all the extra stuff.

I just remember being so absorbed by the game, with the utmost child-like wonder, walking around, stumbling upon an Oblivion gate, then walking into it and promptly dying, it was so fun! Not to mention starting the Shivering Isles being severely under leveled and having to sneak my way through every mission because I literally could not kill anything. Normally I’d be annoyed with that, but for some reason I just couldn’t get enough of it. It felt like a wild-west kind of game, I always had some potions with me, but I always had just enough, I felt like I really had to fight well against even the most basic enemies.

Oblivion was the perfect balance between difficult and fun, and being able to not have to wait for the DLC, having all of it right off the bat made an already lengthy, amazing experience even better. Not to mention the fact that since Skyrim wasn’t out yet, I didn’t have to think about how hideous the character models were in the game.

4) Crackdown


I had no idea what the hell Crackdown was, all I knew was that it was that one game that you had to have if you wanted to play the Halo 3 beta, and that none of my friends had ever played it, well, at least, not by the time I played it in 2009. I picked it up while visiting my grandmother, oddly enough, I had brought my Xbox 360 with me, we went to her local mall and of course, made a pit stop at the sketchy Gamestop that was down there. I found Crackdown for I think less than two dollars and decided I might as well buy it, because, I mean, it must be decent if it had the honor of the Halo 3 beta.

Needless to say, Crackdown ended up becoming one of my absolute favorite Xbox 360 games ever, it was so over-the-top and ridiculous to me at the time that I could not put it down. A genetically enhanced super cop that can leap from building to building, barge through vehicles, and had an arsenal of weapons that ranged from explosives to more explosives, and cars that either destroy other cars or just straight up scoop them out of your way.

I probably killed more civilians on my way to crime scenes than bad guys that I actually killed at mission points. Aside from the ridiculous movements and gun fights, collecting orbs and completing side missions for some reason were so addicting, although I never 100% completed it, (but I did for Crackdown 2) I still had so much fun! I know a lot of people that don’t really like Crackdown but seriously, I just could not care less if it’s considered mediocre, because I love it, and I will always recommend it if anyone inquires. Although no one has ever inquired. And probably never will. Still love it though.

3) Dead Rising


Frank West quickly became one of my all-time favorite characters among zombie videogame culture, far beyond any Resident Evil character, I mean, come on, he’s covered wars. Yet another game that I just kind of bought on a whim after Official Xbox Magazine had a zombie-game issue and mentioned it very briefly.

The second game had already come out, but I hate playing a sequel before playing the previous entries in the series, so it was off to Willamette I went. I was baffled that I missed such a fucking bonkers take on the Zombie apocalypse, complete with Megaman armor and Mega Buster (though only after killing a ridiculous amount of zombies). At first I thought this was just some kind of fan service Capcom was putting out for its loyal fans, with all the references to their other games, totally corny dialogue reminiscent of the original Resident Evil, but was pleasantly surprised to see the second and third ones come out complete with side stories, DLC, and all sorts of stuff.

What was once a random zombie game I thought would just be a fun romp through waves of the undead turned into one of my favorite series ever, and an extremely popular entry in the world of zombie-related entertainment. Realistic zombie apocalypses are lame, I’ll take the world of Dead Rising over The Walking Dead any day.

2) Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead


Before you start giving me crap for putting this at number two after my last comment on Dead Rising, just hear me out. While I like the settings and wackiness of Dead Rising more than The Walking Dead, nothing, and I mean nothing beats the emotional experience of binge-playing all five episodes of The Walking Dead season 1 or 2 all in a row. I didn’t think much of TWD until just a few months ago when I finally caught up with the show, then decided it was time to play the games and get another fix of the Georgia zombie apocalypse.

I bought the first season on disc for the Xbox One, plunked down, and just played my little heart out, and it might have just been timing, because I had been so used to all the action-packed games that came out lately, that it just felt like a breath of fresh air to slow down and play a game pretty much about walking and talking. Being able to bend the story to my will, choosing who lives and dies, deciding whether or not to mercy kill fatally wounded friends, or let other people do it for you, it’s such heavy stuff, and always has consequences that are hard to take into consideration.

Always worrying about what Clementine will think about what you do, whether or not other survivors will try to turn against you, figuring out who’s going to die anyway, regardless of how hard you try to help them. I mean, I won’t give away any spoilers, but there were a few choices in the first season that were god damn gut-wrenching to have to make given the short timer you have to answer some questions. I’m seriously glad that I waited for it to have the disc release on the Xbox One, because if I had to wait for each episode to come out, I would have lost my damn mind. Plus, the bonus episode was pretty damn cool as well.

1) Fallout 3


Fallout 3 was a religious experience for me, hundred of hours poured into the Capitol Wasteland, with Three Dog playing his tunes on my Pip-boy, Tesla Cannon on my shoulder, and a pile of dead Deathclaws below my feet. Just kidding, I think I only killed like three Deathclaws ever and died at the hands of them countless times early on in the game when all I really had was a 10mm pistol and a small amount of faith that not everything wanted me dead.

The thing about Fallout 3 was how I felt like I was actually getting better and smarter as I progressed through the game, collecting better weapons and finding out how to deal with every kind of enemy and weapon type. But besides that, the reason that I’m glad that I waited for it was for the DLC, because no game has ever come close to the level of awesome that every single expansion for this game was absolutely jaw-dropingly amazing. On top of that, they just got better and better as each one came out, I mean, Brotherhood of Steel? I thought nothing could top that, but Point Lookout was so creepy and weird and just disturbing that I easily remember it just as vividly than the add-ons that came before it. Mothership Zeta was just totally ridiculous in that they knew it was the last one so they gave you a buttload of wonky new weapons and outfits that made it a blast to come back to Earth and murder innocent, I mean clean up the scum of the Wasteland with new crazy alien weapons.

Buying the game late in its life meant that I could buy all of them all at once and basically double my time spent playing the game, and I can’t think of a single other title that had add-ons that were as creative, awesome, and well-written as the five that came out for Fallout 3. If you still haven’t played Fallout 3, I recommend, no, I DEMAND that you go out and buy it with all of the DLC and just sit and play. I don’t care if you play nothing else for months, because when you finally finish, when you’ve had your fill, and you’re satisfied beyond belief, rejoice, because Fallout 4 will be here, ready for you to do it all over again in the next generation of gaming.

So that was my Top 5 Games That I’m Glad I Didn’t Buy Immediately, and if you’ve never played any of these games, I’m pretty sure you can pick any or all of them up for $30 or less, and I only go that high because I have no idea how expensive Fallout 3 with all the DLC is. So definitely check them out, and if you have any games that you’re glad you waited on, let me know, I’d love to hear everyone’s favorites!

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