Top 5 Moments from the Eye Opening Game of Thrones: Blood of my Blood Episode

This post will contain massive spoilers from the fifth episode of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, so proceed with caution.

What started as another slow episode eventually transformed into an eye opening one with “Blood of My Blood,” the sixth episode in Game of Thrones’ sixth season. This episode–even more so than last week’s–really started sluggishly with the long jaunt at Hornhill with Sam and Gilly. While I found the scenes to be well done and acted competently, I just didn’t find Sam and Gilly’s thread to be entertaining or value-added for the episode and season in general. It just felt like a distraction to the meatier plot threads that have been unraveling this season. Although, the fact that he steals his family’s Valyrian sword will surely lead to a major event, so I’m sure the writers have bigger plans for it and Sam’s journey to become a Maester.

Arya’s thread finally got exciting, but the big reveal from this episode was that Benjen Stark finally made his return, and it appears he is the Coldhands character from the books even though Martin has flat out denied that fact. Either way it was a major reveal and sets up Bran’s thread as the main one to follow this season if you didn’t find it to be already. Finally, Dany is a warrior woman and reinforced this fact with another inspiring speech from the back of Drogon, who made a triumphant return in the episode. Let’s get ready to rumble Westeros!

In terms of the episode’s shining moments I found five of them to make the grade. As always they are listed in chronological order, but if you must know my choice for the top moment I would go with the Benjen reveal.

1) Bran’s Series of Visions and the Mad King


Right from the start we pick up with Bran and Meera, who are still running from the Night King’s forces. Bran is still getting his Matrix-style brain dump from the Three-eyed Raven, which reveals to the audience that he’s seeing all of the moments from Westeros’ history with a heavy focus on the events surrounding Robert’s Rebellion. In particular, Bran finally sees the Mad King Aery’s, who gives his order to “Burn them all, ” which infamously led to Jaime becoming the Kingslayer. This may confirm that Bran will have a hand in the Mad King’s madness, but it at least confirms Bran’s budding powers as the new Three-eyed Raven and his importance to the battle against the Night King.

2) Arya Becomes Someone Again


Arya’s journey has been somewhat boring for the past two seasons, but after last night’s events it looks like it’s going to get much more exciting. She essentially gives a middle finger to the Faceless Men by not killing her mark and re-embracing her Stark lineage and the loyalty she feels towards her family and home. She has Needle back and is preparing for her pursuers, so she will surely have a showdown with her trainer. I would assume she will best her teacher and eventually head back to Westeros, but I still don’t know how it’ll all play out. Either way it looks like Arya’s journey is going to get real exciting again, so I’m eager to see how things end up this season.

3) The High Sparrow’s Masterful Game Play


The High Sparrow showed his game playing abilities once again last night when he revealed to Jaime and the Tyrell’s forces that he and King Tommen have formed a faith-based alliance. Just when the Lannisters and Tyrell’s think they finally have the upper hand the High Sparrow smacks them in their smug faces with his shit eating grin and dirty ass feet. I loved when the Queen of Thorns turned to her son and proclaim that they’ve lost, which they have, epically. Now that the High Sparrow has the Crown backing him his power is unlimited.

Keep an eye on Margery though, because she’s playing the slow game. It looks like Tommen is fully bought into the High Sparrow who has taken advantage of his infatuation with his lady love, but Margery knows what’s up, so keep an eye on her moving forward.

4) Coldhands to the Rescue


So the Benjen Stark reveal was epic to say the least. Just when it looks like Bran and Meera are fucked, he rolls in with a mace full of fire and kicks the shit out of the Night King’s forces. Benjen has been MIA for years, and while book readers have suggested that he may be the character named Coldhands–who helps Sam and Gilly–as well as Bran and company in the books get to the Three-eyed Raven. Martin has said that Coldhands isn’t Benjen in the books, but on the show it’s clear that he is. D.B. Weiss even confirms it in the latest Inside Look featurette by mentioning Coldhands Benjen Stark.

With Benjen, Bran will fine tune his powers, which we now know are going to be the only thing able to help the world of the living take on the Night King and his army of the dead. Who knows how much more time traveling we will get, and what Bran will ultimately do, but it looks like he will eventually piece together the events from the past to help him fight for the future against the White Walkers and the dead.

5) I am Dany Hear Me Roar


The closing scene made this list solely for the fact that Drogon made his Season 6 debut, but I will admit that Dany’s speech was also pretty epic. I definitely found myself waving a sickle in the air while speaking Klingon watching her speech, but again the real star of this scene is Drogon. Dany’s favorite dragon has gotten enormous since we last saw him, and it appears he’s ready to be ridden into battle. Based on Dany’s speech it also appears that she will be heading to Westeros sooner than most of us thought, but I’m still unsure if we will see her hit the wooden horses before this season ends.

Either way, with Drogon back and a massive army of expert horsemen behind her, Dany’s bid for the Iron Throne looks stronger than ever. Now we just need to see what her other two children are up to and who will ride them into the inevitable showdown with the Lords of Westeros. Although, I truly think the epic showdown will ultimately be between the forces of Fire and Ice, so while Dany will head to Westeros I think she will be there to help fight the Night King before taking her throne.

What a season!


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