Top 5 Moments from the Revealing Game of Thrones: Oathbreakers Episode

This post will contain massive spoilers from the third episode of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, so proceed with caution.

The latest episode of Game of Thrones, “Pathbreaker,” picked up right where last week’s eye opening episode left off as Jon realizes he’s been resurrected and isn’t so happy about it. The episode might not have been as explosive as last week’s, which confirmed a long standing fan theory about how Jon may come back to life, but it had two pretty major reveals for long time fans to take in. The Tower of Joy flashback stands out, because of what it may ultimately lead to, which is confirmation of the R+L=J fan theory. The arrival of Rickon back in Winterfell is pretty major too since he hasn’t been heard from in the books in forever, as well as the show, so it’ll be interesting to see where his thread goes from here.

I found five moments in particular to be stand outs in “Oathbreaker,” which you can read about below. Again, they’re in chronological order, and not ranked by importance. Happy speculating!

Please proceed with caution, major SPOILERS will be present.

1) Jon Snow Comes to Grips with his Resurrection


Of course Jon’s first words since being murdered would make this list. He definitely didn’t appreciate being brought back to life, but his revelation of seeing nothing in death seemingly sparked new motivations within him. His words also gave Melisandre her faith back, as she now realizes she threw in with the wrong Prince. But wait, Jon’s not a Prince, or is he? I think we may learn more on this as the season plays out, as well as Jon’s potential tie to the Tower of Joy flashback, which is also on this list.

Either way, Jon is back and he’s changed. He’s pissed off, and realizes that no matter how much he tried to do the right thing, he still was murdered by those he thought he could trust. It seems his tie to honor is waning, which is reinforced in another moment on this list.

2) Bran visits the Tower of Joy


This could very well be the most important moment from “Oathbreaker,” mainly because of a major fan theory it may confirm in another episode. So Bran and his Raven homie see Ned and a few Northmen confronting Targaryan Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy, which is where Ned believes his sister Lyanna is being held captive. This moment is told in the books early on, and has provided fans with all sorts of theories to support the claim that Jon Snow is actually the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, who fans believe actually loved each other, rather than the story everyone was told about how Rhaeger kidnapped and raped her, which started Robert’s Rebellion.

It was interesting that Ned could hear Bran, which may lead to other implications with Bran’s time travel lessons. Either way, there’s a great chance we return to this moment through Bran to see Lyanna’s death and Ned’s pledge to take her son, who we know to be Jon Snow. It’s happening, it has to.

3) Arya Gets Her Eyes Back


Arya’s thread hasn’t been that exciting since arriving in Braavos, but last night we finally got to see her come into her own with the Faceless Men. Her training montage was Rocky-like and showed her dedication in becoming a trained and skilled assassin. Who knows how the show will have her use her new abilities, but at some point she has to rejoin the main fold back in Westeros, or at least those main character who have crossed the sea and are in her near vicinity.

Arya is a wild card at this point, so it’s good to know that she will only progress her training from here. Hopefully we get to see her injected back into the main plot at some point this season to see how her training may be used in her favor.

4) Ramsay’s Gift


Ramsay Bolton continues to add Northerners to his cause, but even though the Umbers won’t bend the knee for him, they did give him a major present in the form of Rickon Stark. We haven’t seen this kid, or Osha since Season 3 or 4, so it was very surprising to see him turn up in Winterfell. This moment, or one similar, isn’t referenced in the books, so this scene and revelation is brand new for everyone.

It sucks that another Stark Direwolf has been murdered by men of the north, but it’ll be interesting to see how Ramsay abuses this Stark for his needs. I hope Rickon doesn’t suffer the fate of Theon, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be violently used as some sort of bargaining chip when Ramsay and his forces finally make it North to take on the Night’s Watch.

5) Jon’s Watch Has Officially Ended


At the end of the episode we get to see Jon carry out the punishment for his betrayers, which he does with a sadness in his heart. Well at least when he looks Olly in the eye.

After the deed is done though Jon pretty much tells Dolorous Edd that he’s out, and that his watch has ended. Snow isn’t one to break an oath, at least when it doesn’t involve lady bits, so him leaving the Night’s Watch is legit, as his watch has technically ended. He did die after all, and according to the words spoken to a fallen brother, his watch is now ended, so Jon leaving jives with his moral code.

Now who knows where his moral code is at this point, but him leaving is a sign that he is ready to get back out into the world to possibly fight his cause without the restrictions of being Lord Commander. It’s pretty likely that he’ll have a showdown with Ramsay Bolton, which Melisandre did see in one of her visions of the Flayed Man banners burning and Jon being victorious. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that Jon is a new man and a wild card from this point on.

You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below!

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