The Dark Knight Rises: All right, we know the movie isn’t out yet, and that we cannot really comment on it. But come on! Hans Zimmer, the man who gave us the soundtrack for Gladiator – how could we not top the list with him? The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to launch in a few days, and if it is anything close to Zimmer’s previous work, we have no qualms about putting it on the list of top 5, even though we haven’t heard it yet. Some things you just know.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Nominated for two Academy awards, including Best Picture, this lovely movie about a young boy looking for a information about a key is brought to life by the music of Alexandre Desplat. Desplat is one of the greats of the Hollywood music industry. He’s created the music for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows (both parts), and The King’s Speech. He won the Academy for The King’s Speech, and has been nominated several times for Golden Globes, Baftas, and the Academy awards.

Moneyball: Ah, doesn’t Brad Pitt just break your heart in never giving up on his dream, and not compromising. As inspirational as the movie is, especially if you are a sports buff, it perhaps would not have been as effective if it wasn’t accompanied by the tunes and melodies of Jeff Dana, the Canadian composer. Dana does a lot of work across cultures, which is why you will see his name on movies of Deepa Mehta, Atom Egoyan, Ang Lee, Mira Nair, and Joel Schumacher amongst others. Moneyball takes all of his eccentricities and puts them on for a great audio experience.

The Artist: Ludovic Bource has perhaps outdone himself with giving music to The Artist. The movie has won so many accolades and has been loved by almost every critic that at least some part of the credit should go to Bource. “Fantasie D’Amour” and “The Sound of Tears” are some personal favorites from this movie.

Hugo: Why are all the great movies, books too? Hugo is an adaptation of the novel by Brian Selznick called The Invention of Hugo Cabaret, and tells a story of a young boy living an alone life at a Paris train station. The music is written by Howard Shore who created the music for The Lord of the Rings. Yes, LOTR, which is one of the best movie scores every written.


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