MachineGames’ Wolfenstein: The New Order is out in the wild and entertaining gamers across the globe. Its brilliant mix of story and hardcore FPS mechanics make it a stand out in 2014’s relatively weak video game lineup so far, and it’s definitely a game you should be playing. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing the latest Wolfenstein title then we’re here to give you a push. Below you’ll find five great reasons for why you need to shell out $60 for this title, or at least move it to the top of your rental queue, because Wolfenstein: The New Order may just be the sleeper hit of 2014.


5. Get back to killing Nazis


Call of Duty 3 is the last game that really featured legit Nazi killing, and not just the zombie variety. Wolfenstein: The New Order allows you to return to the WWII era, albeit with a depressing twist, but that just means you get to kill evil Nazi forces en mass. B.J. just may be the most efficiently brutal Nazi cleaner upper in town, so mowing down these fascists has never been more rewarding. You can dispose of them with knives, guns, duel wielded guns (shotguns and assault rifles included), turrets, mechs, and a plethora of other death providing devices, so flex your inner Nazi hating muscles by picking up The New Order.

4. Multiple path gameplay 


Wolfenstein: The New Order offers a variety of routes to achieve your objective. Some will be closed to you depending on the choice you make during the prologue, but there are still other paths to take to win the day. If you want to go stealth you can almost always find a hidden path to your objective, but if you want to go in guns-a-blazing you can do that too. Thanks to the game’s perk system you’ll also be rewarded with new skills based on how you play, so through the perks and the multiple paths you can create the ultimate B.J. for your play style.

3. Replayability


Early on in this game you’ll be forced to make a decision that will impact how your particular campaign plays out, which naturally offers up replayability so you can see what happens to the campaign in both cases. On top of this choice the game also has four bonus modes to unlock by picking up Enigma codes. Those willing to hunt these down and solve their puzzles will be rewarded with the game’s 999, Ironman, Walk in the Park, and Hardcore gameplay modes. If you’re an achievement or trophy whore Wolfenstein: The New Order will surely give you a lengthy goal to achieve.

2. Story-centric FPS 


Unlike most of today’s FPS titles, Wolfenstein: The New Order has a heavy focus on narrative. There isn’t a multiplayer mode, so the MachineGames team used all of their talents to craft an engaging and mysterious tale into The New Order, and it shows even during the prologue. You’ll be left wondering how the Nazis have accumulated advanced technology that allows them to rule the world, and you’ll care about the characters you come across. This isn’t just another Michael Bay style COD affair. Wolfenstein: The New Order has heart, intriguing characters, and a badass protagonist to take on one of gaming’s most demented antagonists in Deathshead. This is a FPS that you’ll find yourself not wanting to skip its cutscenes, and that’s a great thing.

1. Maximum gore 


Wolfenstein: The New Order has perfected the art of video game gore and NPC giblets. From the brutal melee kills to the graphic results of a shotgun blast to the face, there’s no shortage of “Holy Shit” moments while blasting Nazis to shiny little bits of meat. Watching Nazis explode into tomato soup after firing .80 caliber shells at them never gets old, and neither does the amazing headshot animation that results in a glorious explosion of brain matter and skull fragments.

Check out the two videos below for examples of the awesome gore!

Bonus Reason 


If the five reasons above aren’t convincing you then you should also know that you can play the original Wolfenstein once you reach the resistance fighter camp. The game is presented in all of its pixelated glory, and is a great little escape from the modern title.


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