Top 6 Moments from the Sizzling Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger Episode

This post will contain massive spoilers from the fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, so proceed with caution.

I’ll tell you what, I love George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, and would still loved to have read the sixth book before the airing of HBO’s sixth season of Game of Thrones, but after the first four episodes I have to say that I love not knowing what is going to happen next again. The show just feels super fresh for me (Season one is the last season I didn’t know what was coming next), and the writer’s have done a great job at pushing Martin’s slow moving plot along this season, effectively making me forget that I used to care about spoiling the remaining books by watching the at times veering TV show from the book’s plot threads.

The fourth episode, “Book of the Stranger,” continued to push this season to the front of the series’ best season of all-time list thanks to more powerful scenes involving the show’s main characters. Dany’s thread in this episode is magnificent, and totally plausible based on her journey in the books. The Stark reunion was touching to say the least, and kicked off this great episode with feels we haven’t experienced in quite some time. It’s just an overall great episode that answered a few questions while teasing others to keep our wait in between episodes harder than ever before.

In total I found six memorable moments from the episode, which  you can read more about below. Again, ranking isn’t important as they’re listed in chronological order, but if you want to know my personal favorite scene I have to go with Jon and Sansa’s reunion because it nearly made me cry. Poor fucking Starks…

Please proceed with caution, major SPOILERS will be present.

1) Jon and Sansa Reunite


The opening scene which saw Sansa make her arrival at Castle Black just as her half-brother (more like cousin if R+L=J pans out) Jon was about to hit the road really hit you in the gut with some feels to start things off. I mean this is the first time any of the Stark kids have seen each other (not from afar Bran) since the first freaking season, so it was a touching moment to say the least. It’s not very often that things go well for the Stark family, who are more or less the main protagonists of the franchise, so it was awesome to finally see them experience a bit of joy amongst all of the doom and gloom they’ve had to endure over the years. These two teaming up will surely lead to a bit of mayhem, but I think it will be inflicted upon their foes this time rather than themselves, because it’s just damn time for the Starks to enjoy a victory rather than death and destruction.

On a less serious note it was funny to see how short Kit is compared to Sophie, who now dwarfs him with her Sansa Stark character. Oh well, I know what it’s like to be a short man, and it’s not like Kit is hurting for the affection of women or in his wallet, so I’m sure he got over the awkward looking hug pretty quickly.

2) Tyrion’s New Deal


Tyrion’s thread in the show remains to be quite different to his journey in the books, where he’s become a sellsword camped outside of Mereen, which is actually under siege in the books at this point in time. Anyway, in the TV show he’s now ruling Mereen in Dany’s absence, and in last night’s episode he proposed a deal to try and alleviate the Sons of the Harpy issue plaguing the city. He tells them they can keep slaving for seven more years, but they have to pull their support from the Harpy gang. He does this in front of Grey Worm and Missendei, who visibly aren’t comfortable with his deal, but play along with it for the sake of their Queen.

This moment is important because it is clearly setting up events to come with the Wise Masters of Astapor and Yunkai. In the books both of these cities have laid siege to Mereen and are trying to starve Dany out, so who knows if we will reach that point in the show, but the basis of Tyrion’s deal will definitely lead to more conflict, making it important. Plus, anytime Tyrion is on screen there’s potential for awesome, so I had to throw him a bone after leaving him out of last week’s countdown.

3) Cersei and Jamie Plot with the Small Council


Cersei and Jaimie Lannister are slowly creeping their way back on to the Small Council, and they made a huge move last night to re-secure their positions of power in King’s Landing. While their threads are wildly different in the books, the two teaming up to take on the High Sparrow fits for the show’s telling of their events. I loved how Cersei took over the meeting and eventually got the Queen of Thorns to join her side by bringing up Margery’s walk of shame. I also loved how Jaime is planning the war by throwing the Tyrells under the bus. While it appears like they’re playing nice with the Tyrells all of this is more than likely a ruse to remove them from power in the end.

Having these two together again is dangerous, and while I like Jaime’s thread much better in the books, because he remains humble after losing his hand and really doesn’t like his sister anymore, I do appreciate where the TV show writers are taking him based on his passions for his sister and family.

4) Osha Gets a Shiv


We all knew Ramsay would do something fucked up to either Osha or Rickon or both after he took them prisoner last week, but I definitely didn’t see him taking things to the point he did in “Book of the Stranger” so quickly. Osha is brought to Ramsay and just as it looks like she’s going to possibly stab his throat, he masterfully counters her murder attempt with a successful one of his own. Apparently he knew all along who Osha was and how she helped the Starks escape previously, so he quickly snuffs her out before she can return the favor.

This scene if anything else reinforces fan speculations from last week in regards to the Umbers and the turning over of Rickon and Osha, in which fans believe is a ruse being played on Ramsay. Basically, these fans believe that the Umbers are too loyal to the Starks to just casually give up Rickon and Osha, and that they actually turned them over to lure Ramsay out of Winterfell to go and attack Jon at the Wall. Without the defenses of Winterfell Ramsay is much more exposed, so many believe the hostage exchange to be a ploy to finally pull one over on Ramsay and surprise him rather than him providing all of the surprises for everyone else. The fact that Osha was clearly trying to murder Ramsay may reinforce this line of thought, or it at least does to me.

5) Sansa Makes Jon Man Up


Ramsay’s letter is directly from the book, and in fact this letter is the one that persuades Jon to head back to Winterfell in the books, which is the real reason why he gets murdered, and not for going to Hardhome as the TV show portrays. Either way this scene makes this list because it sets forth a new thread for Jon and Sansa, who now will seemingly stay together and try to retake Winterfell. This is obviously a huge decision and will surely lead to a massive battle before this season plays out, so let’s just hope that the battle ends with Ramsay being gruesomely murdered at the hands of the Stark kid(s) and hopefully Ghost.

6) Dany Plays with Fire, Again


When Dany first got taken captive by the Dothraki in the books I had no clue how Martin would resolve it, but after watching her amazing closing scene last night I think the show handled it perfectly. Dany once again showcased her mastery over fire to convince a horde of people to accept her as a Goddess and their Queen in epic fashion. I had no clue where her plan was going until she placed her hand in the fire, but once I saw her do that it all made sense. Burning all of the Khals alive and walking out unscathed is easily the best method for getting thousands of migrant warriors to believe in your cause, so her risk once again paid off in spades.

She now has the world’s best warriors on horseback behind her, which will surely help her solve her Mereen issues, and as stated will definitely give her an edge once she decides to return to Westeros. Her plan all along was to use the Dothraki horde to retake her family’s kingdom, so what better way to get them ALL to join your cause than murdering their leaders like a fucking boss!


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