Top 8 Moments From The Somber The Walking Dead: Honor Midseason Premiere

Spoilers will be present for the latest episode of The Walking Dead, so proceed only if you’ve seen the episode, or don’t give a damn about this show’s spoilers.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returned to the airwaves last night with its Season 8 midseason premiere episode, and unlike most of the past season and a half, it actually got me to care about the show and its characters again. It mostly picked up at the end of the Season 8 midseason finale, but it also featured a few flash backs to fill us in on what Carl and a few others were up to before Negan came to attack Alexandria. This episode shined though due to Carl and how everyone processes his impending death, which I didn’t expect to move me, but there were two moments in particular that featured Carl saying his goodbyes that gutted me. That was the signal to me that The Walking Dead, at least for now, is returning to form and hopefully we will get more emotional moments like the ones featured in this episode moving forward.

To stay true to form, I will continue to break down the top moments from every new episode of The Walking Dead, which you can find below. I whittled the list down to eight key or memorable moments from the episode, which to me were moments that were impactful to the episode, or those that may have future reaching implications. Head on past the break to find out which moments from “Honor” made the cut.

1. Carl’s Montage

At the start of the episode we finally got to see exactly how Carl got bit. It was during his scuffle with walkers while he was out saving Siddiq. He was distracted by a Walker that was in his face, and while he was fending him off another one sunk his teeth into his torso. The montage went on — with a fantastic song by the way — to show how Carl processed his impending death, and how manly he handled it all. He cleaned himself up, wrote goodbye letters, and went about saving Alexandria all while knowing he was soon to be gone from the world. I’ve never been a huge Carl fan, but this montage, and really his portrayal in this episode in particular, really made me feel for his plight.

2. Carl’s Talk with Judith

I’m not going to BS you, this episode was full of sad goodbyes thanks to Carl’s impending demise, but the exchange he had with his sister Judith devastated me. Carl gave her such a fantastic goodbye and motivational speech, that it was hard not to feel for him and his family. If you have your own family and a heart — the latter which I question if I have on a daily basis — then there’s no way this talk between siblings won’t kick you in the balls. It got me really good, really good, as in tears streaming and plenty of uncomfortable feelings in the back of my throat. This little exchange also showed how mature of a character Carl had become, and how his death and the messages he imprints on his family and friends may indeed get them to change their murdering ways. If you have kids or a sibling, this moment will resonate with you for hours after the episode ends.

3. Morgan Rips a Dude’s Guts Out

Morgan is a changed man after the death of the kid from The Kingdom, and he exhibited his changed stance on murder with gusto in this episode. Both he and Carol stealthily make their way through the Kingdom to try and save King Zeke, who was captured by the Saviors earlier in the season, but they disagree on how to handle the Savior soldiers. Carol wants to avoid them, while Morgan feels they’re better off killing them all, so they don’t have to worry about anyone getting away and bringing more pain upon their heads. Morgan literally kills everyone he sees with his staff, but he saves his most gruesome kill for last.

While in a firefight with the Saviors, Morgan and a Savior get into a fist fight, and just as it looks like Morgan may get his face beat in, he goes full savage and jams his fist into the guy’s chest, which had been opened by a bullet. He proceeds to jam his whole arm into the man’s guts and then rips them from his stomach. Zeke, Carol, and the leader of the Savior squad that was on site all looked upon him in shock and awe as he savagely took the guy down. Morgan’s actions were clearly starting to worry everyone regardless of which team they were on, which highlighted how far Morgan has fallen since he was reintroduced a few seasons ago as a peaceful non-murdering survivor. This thread will continue to play out this season, because this episode spent far too much time showcasing how fragile and off-the-rails Morgan has become.

4. Henry Gets His First Kill

This moment was major just for the shock of how the scene was shot. This entire exchange was about Morgan wanting to kill the Saviors lieutenant while Zeke and Carol plead with him to not do so. They saw how much carnage Morgan had just caused, and feared how deep into madness he would go if he stayed on his murderous course, so the begged him to let the man live. You could tell Morgan was thinking about it, but at the last minute he said that he just could let him live, but just as he lifted his spear to kill him, another spear came through the back of his neck, which was wielded by young Henry.

This is a big moment because it shows how jacked up this world is, and how it can take an innocent kid and turn him into a cold hearted killer. All the adults around him tried everything they could to stop Henry from getting mixed up in the fight, but due to him being a product of a world in chaos, he couldn’t help but find his way to becoming a killer. This moment had to be a loss for the adults involved, because it proved to them once again that no matter how hard they try to make things feel normal for children, the world just isn’t structured in that way anymore, and at some point in time everyone will lose a piece of their soul in an effort to survive.

5. Carl is the Reason for the Season 8 Flash Forwards

If you’ve been watching this season of The Walking Dead, then you’ve witnessed the flash forwards that have shown an older rick with a big white beard and a cane who seems to be living in a happy and peaceful society. Many fans have wondered if it was an actual reality, or a dream, and it turns out that it’s more of a dream that Carl demanded his Father had as he died. It’s Carl who tells Rick he believes he can be a good man again and live in peace, and it’s Carl who explains what this new world can look and feel like if his Dad changes his murderous ways. Carl essentially tells his Dad that at one point he was accepting of anyone, even former enemies (think Woodbury moving into the prison), and that it would be up to him to be that version of himself again to restore some sort of order in these chaotic times.

This was an interesting revelation, and one that could indeed come true if Rick does work towards it, but we have a full half season to go before we probably see any real change in Rick. Although, based on the flash forwards featured in this episode, Carl’s plea may indeed produce the visions we saw, which would be huge based on who we saw in them, which I’ll touch upon in this list.

6. Carl Pulls His Gun

So this is the second scene featuring Carl saying his goodbyes that ripped my heart out of its chest. Just as Carl got done being a wiser man than his Dad and explaining to him what he has to do to be a better man, while also thanking him for being the Dad that he was. That exchange was hard enough to watch, but then Carl pulled out his gun and tells Rick and Michonne that he is still with it enough to take himself out so they wouldn’t have to shoulder that burden. Being a Father myself it was very emotional to see Carl offer this reprieve to his adult caretakers. It also signaled his ultimate end to his Dad, which is gut wrenching to think about happening in your own life. I’m not saying we will one day have to watch our kids die from zombie bites, but anytime a parent must watch their child suffer and die before their own demise, is unnatural and soul shattering, so seeing this play out in The Walking Dead reminded me of my own life and praying that I never have to experience what Rick had to while watching his Son slip away from life.

This scene really hits you hard when Rick and Michonne react to the sound of Carl’s gun going off, which just provided a visual queue for how devastated both of them were over the horrific ordeal. It was a rough scene to take in, but a highly emotional one, which added to this show’s rather depressing tone.

7. Negan Appears in a Flash Forward

Throughout the episode we were treated to a new version of the Season 8 flash forward. This time Carl isn’t present, but Rick and Judith are, as well as a few other survivors such as Eugene (who’s now a friendly again) Jerry, and Siddiq. Rick is seen going around and talking to fellow survivors, who all seem to be living in a peaceful and prosperous community. Although, one of the last flash forwards revealed something pretty major, and showed a future that could come to be if Rick adheres to Carl’s advice. Judith is seen going around and greeting various community members, but one person she cordially says high to is a bit out of place. This person is Negan, who appears to be a fully fledged member of Rick’s new society, and a man who appears to be content with his station in life.

To me, these flash forwards are fluid, because we’ve already seen them change this season thanks to the death of Carl. It now appears that if Rick follows through on his promise to Carl in being a better and more peaceful man, that Rick and Negan may eventually come to a truce, and one that sees them becoming friends. I believe this is sort of how things play out in the comic, so this shouldn’t surprise hardcore TWD fans, but us show people don’t know all the ins and outs, so seeing Negan in the flash foward definitely suggest that his thread may mirror the comics.

8. Rick Is Wounded in a Flash Forward

Finally, during the end of the episode the timeline kept bouncing between the future and present as we see Carl get laid to rest, and one of the quick clips shows Rick, crying and wounded sitting under a tree. He appears to have been shot in the gut and seems distressed, or resigned to the fact that he royally screwed something up. This may be a clue as to why Rick needs a cane in the dreamy flash forwards, but if anything else it teases that Rick will not go unscathed before his war with Negan and the Saviors comes to an end.


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