Top Gun’s Iconic Dogfight Scene Gets Perfectly Recreated by Cinefix


Few movies have the power to pump up and excite viewers like the 1986 film Top Gun. The film’s frenzied flight sequences, memorable characters and intense volleyball scenes have established Top Gun as a staple of American cinema.

While many may claim to love Top Gun, the moviemaking masters of the YouTube channel Cinefix have taken their passion for the film to the next level.

In the newest video of their popular series, ‘Homemade Movies’, the Cinefix team tackles the tough job of recreating Top Gun’s iconic final dog fight. Eschewing multimillion dollar budgets, Cinefix has created a downright perfect homage to Top Gun by filming their version exactly shot-for-shot with the original.

It may be hard to believe that Cinefix has pulled the heavy feat off; the talented auteurs have also released two additional videos to accompany their work. The behind the scenes look at their Top Gun remake shows just how much effort and work went into the process and the side-by-side comparison video illustrates that when it comes to making homemade films, Cinefix is the best in the business.

The three videos can be found below. If Cinefix’s Top Gun wizardry isn’t enough to sate you homemade movie appetite, be sure to head to their amazing channel for tons of other amazing videos.

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