Total War: Warhammer In-Game Trailer Analysis: 3 Things to Look For

As we get closer to release day, the news for Total War: Warhammer keeps on coming. It’s fair to say that I’m a little bit excited about this, there may even have been some axe-related remodelling taking place at my house…What? Don’t look at me like that!

Look at the trailer instead:

So what new info does this trailer bring to the table?

Well, for one thing it looks like the guys at Creative Assembly might not all be experts at playing Total War games, but putting that aside here were a couple of things I noticed:

  1. The Dwarfs are heavily reliant on their ranged units, particularly against the monstrous opponents that appear in this battle. That’s interesting as the Empire also seemed to rely alot on support characters and units (Wizards, Steam Tanks) for added punch. It seems like Warhammer might end up playing more like Empire:Total War then the Medieval games people might expect.
  2. Monstrous Units wreck stuff. I mean, even the Slayers (who look awesome) got pretty ripped apart by that Giant, and the Arachnarok very nearly won the battle for the Greenskins. It will be interesting to see what the forces of Good can muster against them.
  3. Quest Missions seem pretty cool, we’ve already seen one of these with the battle of Blackfyre Pass but the unique setting on display with this underground map is pretty exciting for a Total War game. That being said, I’ll be curious to see how losses in battle will effect the ongoing ‘Quest’.

What did you guys notice? Hit us up in the comments or on Twitter!


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