Tower Madness HD & Back to the Future Ep 1: Free iPad Apps of the Week!

During my weekly scouring of the Apple App Store I came across two high quality games that are currently being offered for free.  Both Tower Madness HD ($7.99) and Back to the Future Episode 1 ($6.99) are free for a limited time, and both of them deserve your attention.  Tower Madness HD is yet another tower defense game, but it’s a high quality one at that, and BttF is an interactive story game based on the popular 80’s movie franchise.  Each one brings its own brand of unique entertainment to a staggering lineup of mobile games on the iPad, and both of them have convinced me that purely mobile gaming devices may be a thing of the past.

These Aliens Want to do Awful Things to Your Sheep

Tower Madness HD follows the tried and true tower defense model of protecting a base (Sheep) from a group of invaders (Aliens) in a wonderful looking 3D format on the iPad.  On my iPad 2 this game looks simply amazing, and it plays very fluidly as well.  It’s more in the vain of Defense Grid than Plants Versus Zombies, but it’s just as good if not better than DG on XBLA.  Plus, it features a two player mode that pits you versus a friend on the same iPad via a spiffy split screen interface.  I’ve only played through the first couple of maps, but while doing so I became completely enamored with the gameplay, so Tower Madness HD will remain in my ever growing stable of iPad games.

Tower Defense HD Has Some Wonderful Visuals for the iPad Platform

Tower Madness HD Offers Split Screen Play!

Telltale Games has been making episodic Back to the Future games for about a year now, and they’ve finally offered up the first episode for free.  Now you better act quick on this one, because from my experience the game goes from free to $6.99 randomly, so I’m not sure if that is a bug in the App Store that has now been worked out or what, but if you’re interested in playing this game I’d grab it sooner than later.  I have yet to actually play it, but I did fire it up to check it out, and it looks fantastic on the iPad platform.  The cartoonish look works wonderfully for the Back to the Future franchise, and I’m a big fan of the films, so I can’t wait to dive into this title if I ever find time for it (Literally have over 60 games on the iPad now)!

Who Doesn’t Love Marty and the Doc?

Once again I’ve been amazed at what can be done on the iPad as far as gaming goes, and these freebies that occasionally pop up only make the experience better.  I honestly play games on my iPad 2 daily, and sadly enough I have neglected my brand spanking new Nintendo 3DS in the process.  There’s just too many high quality titles available for free, or for less than $5 on the iPad to keep my occupied in the mobile gaming space.  I don’t need the 3DS for mobile gaming unless I want that wow-like 3D gaming experience.  The iPad more than satisfies my need for a quick gaming experience while not around my beloved consoles, so unfortunately my other more traditional mobile gaming devices have gone by the wayside.  I initially intended on grabbing the Sony NGP when it launches later this year, but now I don’t know if that would be a wise purchase considering how much mobile gaming I do on the iPad 2 right now.  Only time will tell, but for now I’m more than content playing high quality games on the iPad with very low prices.  You’ve been tempted once again to get an iPad…

Tower Madness HD Gameplay



Back to the Future Ep. 1 Gameplay



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