Toy Story 4 has been a bit polarizing for a lot of people, seeing as how the third movie ended the story so well. It feels a little bit like the series is just being milked to take advantage of real little kids and the big kids that grew up alongside the characters.

The trailer covers most of the same ground as the previous bits of the movie that we’ve seen. Woody, Buzz, and the gang task themselves with finding and rescuing Forky, their new owner’s first toy that she made herself. The gang really seem like they’re putting themselves out there way more than ever before to do what they need to do.

The character development that’s occurred over these movies is pretty monumental. Going back to the first movie, Woody was basically trying to kill Buzz because he was Andy’s new toy. Now he’s risking life and limb to get back Bonnie’s favorite toy because he’s learned how important it is for a kid to have their favorite toy. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think!

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