Trailer: George Lucas Produced Red Tails Actually Looks…Awesome!

I’ll be the first one to admit that I didn’t give a rat’s a*s about the announcement that George Lucas’ next movie (Red Tails) after he wrapped the Star Wars prequels would be about the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII.  Quite honestly, I forgot about the project all together because Lucas and me haven’t seen eye to eye since his glory days back in the 70’s and 80’s.  I think the story of the Tuskegee (Red Tails) Airmen sounds compelling as any other WWII-era project, but I really have lost faith in George as a filmmaker.  Am I too harsh on the creator of one of the most iconic pieces of fiction of all-time?  Yes, but the amount of money and time I’ve invested into his brainchild warrant me the right to b*tch about him, as well as pretend that I could’ve done a better job myself (obviously not, but blogging is all about talking a big game and not backing it up right?).

Now that the first trailer for Red Tails has hit the media I’m quickly changing my tune.  This movie looks f*cking spectacular!  The dogfight scenes, and flight scenes in general look to be some of the best CG work that ILM has done in quite some time.  Plus, when you get down to it how can any history geek not want to learn more about these brave young fighters who risked their lives for a country that didn’t treat them as equal human beings?  In fact, the Red Tail trailer is so good that I could feel some emotions welling up in me as I took it all in.

So Far the Dogfight Scenes Look Spectacular!

I don’t care what you say.  Watching any type of war movie should always brings some sort of emotion to the forefront of your psyche just for the fact that these films are based on real life people.  Our brave soldiers have fought in some nasty sh*t over these many years to keep our plump a*sses safe from the World’s conflicts, so their stories do need to be told for the sake of appreciation.  If you were like me and didn’t even give Red Tails a fighting chance because of some Lucas hate, then I highly suggest watching the very exciting first trailer for it below.  You’ve been thinking that this movie will have 10x better air battle scenes than all of the Star Wars prequels put together…

Red Tails Trailer #1


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