Transformers: Generation One Comes to Life in New Fan Film

Chisel Pixel is paying one hell of an homage to the first generation of Transformers with their recently released fan film, Generation 1 – Hero. From transitions to costume design, everything is imbued with the same classic atmosphere that so many fans have come to know and love.

Cosplay is featured heavily in this one. Each actor and actress made their own character’s suit from a combination of cardboard and EVA foam, lending a true sense of impassioned enthusiasm behind every aspect of production. Even the sound effects accurately replicate the original show, and it all becomes incredibly convincing when combined with the rustic visual influence of the 80s.

Take a moment to brace yourself for the incoming flood of nostalgia, then see it for yourselves above.

Curious about their process of creation? Check out their behind the scenes video below.

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