If you’re like me, then you’ll agree that the inclusion of an online cooperative survival mode instantly makes a game more appealing. The upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Dark Spark game, developed by Edge of Reality and published by Activision, will include an online co-op mode called ‘Escalation’, which will have players survive wave after wave of enemies.

Escalation is said to include over 40 playable characters, each with their own abilities. Players will have to work together, upgrade their arsenal and defences, such as turrets and barricades to hold the line against the mechanical hordes.

It should be pointed out, however, that the 3DS and Wii U version of the game wont include the Escalation game mode, with the 3DS version vastly different in gameplay all together.

I’ll let the trailer above speak for itself, as it does a very good job of allowing viewers to grasp it’s concept and features. Transformers: Revenge of the Dark Spark is set to arrive June 24th on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and 3DS. As stated above, some versions may vary, so go to for more info.


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