Tressel Says 5 Suspended Buckeyes Will Be Back for 2011 Season

The Vest recently told ESPN that the 5 players who got suspended for being douchebags would not have made the trip to the Sugar Bowl if they didn’t commit to coming back next season to face their punishment.  Tressel said he wanted to make sure that these players, including Pryor, didn’t, “skirt the consequences” by playing in the Sugar Bowl and then declaring for the NFL Draft.  Jim said, “We told them they would have to make the decision on the NFL prior to leaving for the bowl game,” and supposedly all of them have made the decision to not enter the Draft and return to face their punishment.

This is what makes Jim Tressel different than other college coaches.  I really believe he would’ve told these guys to beat it if they decided to enter the draft and not face their suspensions like men.  You can really tell from the article that Tress was severely disappointed with what his players did, and couldn’t believe that they would sell memorabilia from threi accomplishments on the field as a team.  In fact, Archie Griffin arranged with Jim to have the 5 players come to his home and view his basement, which contains all of his awards and memories from his time at The Ohio State University.  Tressel said Griffin told him, “The kids might get a different perspective when they look at my basement and see how important some of those things are to me.”

Only time will tell if this 5 young men stick to their word and don’t leave for the draft.  If they do renege on the deal laid out by Jim and Company and bolt for the draft, I can only hope each one of them has a life full of disappointments.  That would be an all new low that Karma would make sure to repay in spades.  Jim has also mentioned that the playing time of the Scumbag 5 will be limited to how well they practice, and how the game plan unfolds.  I’d bet they at least don’t start.  It’s just sad that Jim has to even deal with this crap.  Check out the official video apologies below.  You’ve been realizing that you’ll probably never forgive these cocky punks no matter what they do…

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