Trident’s Wake Review – Good Gameplay, But Needs More

Trident’s Wake is a spiritual successor to Helldivers, in case that wasn’t abundantly clear just from looking at the game. Honestly, I was super excited for the game because I liked Helldivers but this was somewhat of a let-down.

I’m not saying that the game is bad, but for a game that markets itself using the reference of Helldivers, you’d expect it to be that good or better. It’s just kinda plain Jane, the gameplay is fun, it feels good to blast the hell out of anything and everything. Besides that though, the mission variety is quite lacking, and after just a few hours, the procedurally generated maps of square rooms gets bland. I’d rather have this game just be linear and have unique places to go and see with all different kinds of enemies. Like what if you had to go to an abandoned facility in a cold arctic-like climate, and you had to use heat weapons to kill enemies so you had to decide on your load out ahead of time and really think it out.

It’s a top-down twin-stick shooter where you fight aliens with a variety of weapons from rifles to machine guns to flamethrowers and more. Honestly, a game I would recommend way more is Livelock, it’s another top-down shooter but with way more fun, varied gameplay and cooler enemy design.

The only part of each level is when you’ve got to defend yourself from a huge wave of enemies for whatever reason. A big part of the game that I like is that it has couch co-op, which is great because I couldn’t find anyone online to play with. Unfortunately it seems like this game might be dead on arrival, unless they really revamp it and try to heavily advertise it. Like, there’s no real skills in the game, it lacks something besides just shooting stuff, and even though it feels good to blast aliens in the face, it gets old fast. This feels like it would make a great arcade cabinet, and I sincerely mean that. I could see pumping quarters into this thing, especially if it stayed procedurally generated so that no two groups of players have the same experience.

It’s kinda disappointing because the game is just so bland and vanilla, and the Steam reviews show that, it’s got a 60% on there as well. I didn’t bother talking about story because if there is one, it’s totally lost on me, and was clearly an afterthought. The game is only 15 bucks so like, at least it’s not full price, but even then, I’d wait for it to go on sale for 10 bucks. If you have a couple friends willing to go in on it with you, it’ll be worth it, but then again, even the worst games are fun with friends.

Trident's Wake

Entertainment Value

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Well, it certainly ain't Helldivers, but it's not a dumpster fire either, it's perfectly average.

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