Tripods Have Never Been so Deadly, or Awesome!

I would imagine most guys out there at one point in their lives used to play with objects that have resembled guns.  I can remember using sticks, Nerf guns, and even objects like a tripod to shoot down my imaginary foes as a young warmonger.  You know, boys will be boys, and most of us like playing with things that cause destruction.  That’s just the type of animals we are.

Unfortunately, back in those days, you really had to use your imagination while shooting at your friend with your Dad’s VHS recorder tripod, or whatever other gun looking object you could scrounge up.  Luckily, for kids of this generation it’s much easier to turn everyday objects into brain spilling weapons with the help of VFX technology, and outlets to share your adventures such as YouTube.

In fact, our friends over at Lethal Chicken Entertainment have made a video with bullet shooting tripods for those of us who’d like to have had cooler toys as young warriors.  Their video is exactly what I used to see in my head while I would take pretend shots at my friends on the playground, and NO I didn’t go to school at an insane asylum.  If you’d like to see what it’d look like if kids could dream up anything while playing with everyday objects, then head on down below and watch Lethal Tripod.  You’ve become jealous over what kids get to play with these days…

Lethal Tripod


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