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So I finally saw ‘Tron: Legacy’ on IMAX 3D, and I was not disappointed.  Sure it was filled with some over-the-top techno-babble, and the Jeff Bridge’s Kevin Flynn character could have easily been mistaken for “The Dude”, but for some eye and ear candy this movie delivers on both levels.  If you have the option, I highly suggest seeing this film on an IMAX screen in 3D.  ‘Tron: Legacy’ was made for this medium, and the wonderful techno/8-bit soundtrack from Daft Punk will beat through your chest and make your guts reverberate in a disturbingly awesome manner.  The larger screen will also overload your eyeballs with some of the best 3D since ‘Avatar’.

The story of ‘Tron: Legacy’ won’t blow you away, or move you to tears, but it will leave you satisfied for what it is.  This movie is pure Sci-Fi and geekery, which is showcased in the Grid (Think digital world lives in your PC), and its fine use of light and clean lines.  The opening 20 minutes are a tad slow, but once Sam hits the grid that his Daddy built, be prepared for one of the best 20-30 minute sections of an action/sci-fi movie you’ve ever seen.

This section of the film is made up of the gaming grid where programs go to fight for their lives a la gladiator style.  Basically winner stays and the loser gets de-rezzed.  The 3D visuals and soundtrack during these scenes are some of the best I’ve ever let my eyes and hears experience.  The pong-like disc matches were intense with some great uses of the old bullet time gimmick from the Wachowski Brothers since the ‘Matrix’.  The light-disc matches were fantastic, but the light-cycle match was the tits.  For being completely digital it was one of the better car chase/racing scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie.  I loved the camera work, and the fast paced nature of the battle was intense.

After this scene the movie slows a bit to fill in some back story, but with the use of some flashbacks these parts aren’t that dull.  They served their purpose to move the thin plot line along, and to flesh out more of how the Grid works in regards to Users, Programs, and ISO’s.  I’ll spare you an explanation, but be prepared for some heavy geekness when it comes time to explain the Grid in the movie.  I consider myself a pretty hardcore geek, but I still found myself going WTF at times with some of the details about the Grid and why it is so important to Users and the Programs that inhabit it.  Regardless, the techno speak doesn’t detract from the movie that much.  In fact, it kind of adds to the mystery and complexity of the Grid, so I was down with it.  Plus, the movie ends in spectacular fashion with a twist on the old light-cycle racing.

The only negative things about ‘Tron: Legacy’ are its inevitable conclusion, which could be seen from a mile away, and Jeff Bridge’s “The Dude” performance as an older Kevin Flynn.  Don’t get me wrong, I love “The Dude” just as much as the next care free guy, but in a world like the Grid I don’t know if we need to hear that many stoner like, “Man you’re messing up my Zen” statements.  It’s not like this ruins the movie, it just sort of feels out of place.

Overall, I’d recommend ‘Tron: Legacy’ to anyone who enjoys a good sci-fi flick, or who likes to be visually and audibly stimulated.  It used 3D perfectly, and the sound profile was titillating.  The acting won’t win any awards, nor will the plot, but you’ll walk away entertained.  Take some time to tune out of society, and go watch ‘Tron: Legacy’.  Some time in the Grid will be good for you.  It’s always nice to let the imagination wander every once in awhile.  You’ve been updated User…

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