True Potential of Little Big Planet 2 Shown in Plants Vs. Zombots Creation

The Little Big Planet franchise is one of the first to actually offer up a solid game creation system for amateur designers, and curious tinkerers who like to make games but don’t want to drop a fortune doing so.  The community from LBP1 was enormous with millions, yes millions, of user created levels uploaded to its catalogue for use by other gamers.  It was nothing short of a massive success for Media Molecule who was the developer behind this creative project.  MM wasn’t finished inspiring armchair game designers just yet, because they had even bigger plans in mind to increase the type of content that LBP gamers could create on their own.

Their aspirations were accomplished with the release of LBP 2 a few months ago, which promised to enable gamers to make almost any type of game they could think of by using the newly provided design tools in the sequel.  Little Big Planet 2 promised to let gamer’s imaginations run wild with the notion that they could use the in-game tools to create their own FPS, RTS, Fighting games, and pretty much any other style of game you can think of.  It’s a very impressive tool set that is almost worth picking up the game to check out.  I have yet to do so because I’m lazy, and I know that I’ll go OCD over the whole creation process, but that doesn’t mean I can’t applaud other gamers for their creations.

I’ve already posted an impressive fighting game that someone created in LBP 2, but I may have found a user created game that could inspire me to pick up a copy of Little Big Planet 2 just to play it.  Who needs to play the LBP 2 campaign when there’s a Plants Vs. Zombies clone within the user created content section?  That’s right, a user by the name of ‘Foggles’ faithfully re-created the insanely popular tower defense game from PopCap games just by using the tool set that Media Molecule designed for LBP 2!  It’s an impressive piece of work that will make any PvZ enthusiast smile.  Foggles even managed to remake the catchy soundtrack from Zombies within LBP 2’s sequencer.

Once you see the demo of Foggles ‘Plants Vs. Zombots’, you will truly realize the power that LBP 2 puts in the hands of those gamers who want to hone their creative skills versus gaming skills.  I had a border line “WTF” moment when I saw it, because it’s such an impressive clone, and to think it was done within a game itself is mind boggling to say the least.  Kudos to Foggles for WINNING with his Plants Vs. Zombots LBP 2 creation.  Currently you can only use 3 plants, but this gem is still a user created masterpiece to behold.  He may have given me some motivation to pick this game up and give it the old college try!

Who am I kidding, I know I’d smash my Dualshock controller the moment my Franken-game didn’t do what it was supposed to do.  I’ll leave the game creation to those of you with something called patience.  Take a look at what a little of it can do for you in LBP 2’s game creation component by watching the vid below.  You still can’t believe that someone created Plants Vs. Zombies within Little Big Planet 2…



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