Tune in For The SEGA Speedrunning Tournament This Weekend

To celebrate the upcoming release of SEGA Genesis Classic Collection on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, SEGA is having a Speedrunning tournament. Don’t know what Speedrunning is? Well, it is when you use whatever you can in-game (exploiting glitches, etc.) to finish it as fast as possible. This has become one of the hottest things to watch on Twitch, so much so that it has it’s own channel over there. Starting today at 5 pm there are two different ways you can watch the stream, up until the release of the game on the 29th! If you want to watch the insanity over the weekend, head on over to the Twitch page around 5 pm today! Some more information is available for you below about the whole celebration.

About SEGA Genesis Classics Collection Speedrunning Tournament:

” SEGA Celebrating Release of SEGA Genesis Classics on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with Mixer Stream and Speedrunning Tournament The SEGA Genesis Classics Collection is right around the corner, and we’re kicking off the festivities early with not one, but two must-see events!

Starting off a full six days of livestreamed Genesis goodness is a Mixer-exclusive tournament and launch celebration. Competing head to head in many of the most well-known games of the collection, from Streets of Rage to Sonic The Hedgehog – from Virtua Fighter to Golden Axe. Broadcast live from the Microsoft Flagship Store in New York City, the Mixer-exclusive stream begins on Thursday May 24th and will feature Outside Xbox and a host of other well-known gaming personalities.

“Thats great” we hear you exclaim, “But what about a five-day speedrunning tournament across nine of our favorite SEGA Genesis Classics titles hosted by Speedgaming on Twitch, starting Friday, May 25th at 5 pm EDT?”. Fret not – we’ve got just the thing for you. From this Friday until the release of SEGA Genesis Classics on Tuesday the 29th, some of the finest speedrunners in the world will be putting their skills to the ultimate test of versatility. As if that wasn’t enough, closing out the celebrations on Tuesday will be a bonus Mirror Mode speedrunning competition – because who doesn’t want to see some of the fastest gamers in the world going fast the wrong way ’round? “

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